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Pennsylvania Town is the Inspiration for New Hallmark Christmas Movie

Christmas movies are so addictive. Who hasn't gotten caught up in a Christmas movie marathon? They seem to start earlier every year, too. I remember seeing ads for brand new Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel back in mid-October. That's way too early in my book, but I do love a good holiday film. That said, one Pennsylvania town is the inspiration for a new Hallmark Christmas movie. What's even better is that the movie is going to premiere very soon. New Hallmark Christmas Movie is based on Pennsylvania town The new Hallmark Christmas movie is called "Miracle in Bethlehem, Pa." Here's the catch, though. According to Hallmark, principal photography for the film happened in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in late September. Moreover, the film won't have any real Bethlehem shots. The official storyline for the film, via a Hallmark press release, is, "Mary Ann (Laura Vandervoort) is a successful lawyer who wants nothing more than to adopt a child and be a mother. When she finally gets the call that’s God’s answer to her prayers, Mary Ann treks to Bethlehem, PA just before Christmas to meet her new bundle of joy. But bad weather forces her and her newborn daughter, Natalie, to delay their trip back home." The storyline continues, "The local inn is full but the welcoming innkeeper Frankie (Amy Groening) has a solution — her brother Joe (Benjamin Ayres) has a spare room in his home she can use. The quintessential bachelor, Joe’s place is less than tidy but he welcomes Mary Ann and Natalie and tries to make them comfortable. The weather forecast isn’t cooperating so Mary Ann extends her stay, giving her time to become part of his family’s pre-holiday celebrations, including Christmas activities at their church." The film will debut Dec. 21 on the Hallmark-owned cable network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Find first-look photos here. [select-listicle listicle_id="254915" syndication_name="pennsylvania-has-one-of-the-most-affordable-christmas-vacations" description="no"]

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