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Long time, no talk! I hope some of you missed my daily posts as I was away for vacation over the last week, and, man, do I have some good posts lined up for you discussing what I was up to while I was away.

I might as well start with another great spot to eat while visiting the Jersey Shore since a lot of you enjoyed my post about Chef Vola’s in Atlantic City!

While down the shore – and don’t get it confused, it is ‘down the shore’ and not ‘down at the shore – Pattyann and I had a nice dinner at Twisties Tavern on the Bay in Strathmere, which is an amazing place to grab a meal or a quick drink.

This hidden gem is located on Bayview Drive in Strathmere and is an absolute must-visit! For all my shore goers passing through Strathmere on your way from Sea Isle City to Ocean City, or vice versa, make it a goal to make a stop at this restaurant!

Twisties Tavern has been around for nearly 100 years, dating all the way to 1929 when it originally opened up as a speakeasy. So, not only are you getting a great meal, you are taking in a bit of history as well!

Everyone is extremely friendly from the hostess, to the waiting staff, and the bartenders. Plus, the bar and comfort food on their menu is fantastic. I especially enjoyed the burger and their Twisties nachos, which are kind of like their signature appetizer, but might as well be a whole meal because the portion is the size of a miniature mountain! I’ll have a picture of them for you below.

You can choose to eat inside or outside, and each has some advantages to it. While sitting outside, you have a gorgeous view of the water outback and a chance to see an amazing sunset. If you sit inside, you get to see all of their cool decorations, including the carved coconut heads surrounding the interior, which Twisties Tavern is known for – after all, all of the staff members wear shirts with animated versions of the coconut heads on them!

One thing I can’t forget to mention for all my music lovers out there is that Twisties has an old-fashioned jukebox machine that is up and running inside, and it is the source for all of the music that is played. How cool is that!

No matter what your age, you are sure to have a great time at Twisties. While we were there, the crowd was anyone from Baby Boomers to Millennials, all the way to Gen Z!

Next time you are down the shore, and let’s be honest, it will probably be soon, stop by this hidden gem in Strathmere and let me know what you think of Twisties!

  • Twisties From Then Bay


    A look at Twisties from across the bay. What a beautiful sight. I can’t wait to see it again.

  • Twisties From Bayview Drive

    Water tower

    Twisties as you walk up on Bayview Drive. You can’t miss it with its red exterior. What an establishment.

  • Outside of Twisties


    Outside the fantastic hidden gem of the Jersey Shore. I recommend stopping here if you can!

  • The Bay From Twisties

    Twisties Bay

    The gorgeous view of the bay from Twisties’ deck. How could you not enjoy a meal here?

  • Inside of Twisties

    Inside Twisties

    Inside Twisties Tavern, which kid nearly 100 years old. You can feel the history as soon as you walk in.

  • The Front of The Menu

    Twisties Front Menu

    The front of the menu at Twisties. The have everything from pizza, to burgers, to all the best appetizers!

  • The Back of The Menu

    Back of Twisties Menu

    The back of the menu. Look at the variety of entree, desserts, and beverages!

  • Twisties Nachos

    Twisties Nachos

    The king of the menu: The Twisties Nachos. Look at the mountain of goodness!

  • Twisties T-Shirt of The Year

    Twisties T-Shirt

    Each year, Twisties has a new t-shirt for sale, and this is the one this year. This things go fast!

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