Comedian Sam Morril Podcast

Comedian Sam Morril was on the show for the first time ever this morning! You may know him from either Last Comic Standing or America's Got Talent. Today he told us some hilarious behind-the-scenes tales from his experience on the latter. He'll be performing at Helium Comedy Club this weekend, a perfect way to kill…
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Spread Master Mayes Podcast

Sunday cannot get here fast enough, especially after hearing "Spread Master" Harry Mayes break down both NFL Championship games this morning! Harry gave us his analysis of what to expect in the Patriots/ Jaguars game and of course, the one that may get significantly more interest around here... Eagles/ Vikings. Place your bets!
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Comedian Finesse Mitchell Podcast

You may know him from his several-year stint on SNL or perhaps if you hail from Atlanta. Whatever the case, comedian Finesse Mitchell was in the house today! He graced us with his classic rock falsetto, told us about striking out with Halle Berry, and the experience of finding out about his second kid on…
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The Daily Podcast (01/17)

As the NFC Championship edges closer we're getting more excited, and John finally snapped out of his doubting malaise! We got pumped for the big game by hitting the phones and sharing our Eagles traditions/ superstitions. We celebrated Betty White's 96th birthday, learned about leotards for dogs and were once again pummeled with classic rock…
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Musicologist Chris Epting Podcast

He's one of our favorite recurring guests and musicologist Chris Epting was back at it this morning, blowing our minds with his classic rock knowledge! Today he broke down The Eagles' "Heartache Tonight" and the contributions Bob Seger made to the song (and Glenn Frey's career in general). Listen!
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