Richie Sambora Podcast

Guitarist Richie Sambora may have parted with Bon Jovi, but he's partnered with Orianthi (in more ways than one) which he told us all about it today! Of course he also touched on his time with JBJ, including his reasoning for leaving them towards the end, and the one song that he's most proud of.…

The Daily Podcast (06/22)

We must have our minds on hitting the bar already, because we kicked things off today debating hot wings. We then talked the new Jurassic World movie, Paul McCartney doing Carpool Karaoke, and welcomed guitarist Richie Sambora and comedian Greg Fitzsimmons on the show. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons Podcast

Most of the time when a comedian is too lazy to make it in-studio for their Philly gigs we brush them off, but Greg Fitzsimmons is just too special. He called us up today and told us about his deflating marriage proposal, why he stopped disciplining his son, and his homoerotic encounters with a local…

The Daily Podcast (06/21)

Happy summer, everybody! This morning we kicked things off by trying to save our young intern's hearing, then hit the phones to hear your signs that it's summer. Some guy in Australia created a food hybrid that got our attention, and comedian Ryan Hamilton joined us to cap off a really fun show. Listen!

The Daily Podcast (06/20)

Today we spun the wheel for "Long Song Wednesday" and heard about Dave's dangerous LetGo experience, then a Craigslist deal gone awry. There's also a new genius invention for pizza, Robert Plant turned down a role on Game of Thrones for a strange reason, and Dave and Steve took a quiz on Chinese culture!

Jason Bonham Podcast

Jason Bonham just started up a tour with his Led Zeppelin Evening, alongside Foreigner and Whitesnake, and he called us up today! He told us about his band's name change, his father's big new statue that was recetly unveiled, and those moments on the drums that would have made Dad proud. Check him out!

The Daily Podcast (06/18)

We're back! And if you were scratching your head thinking the Daily Podcast left you, well, blame our IT department (and Veterans Radiothon) for whisking her away from you on Thursday and Friday. Business as usual today though, as we recapped our Father's Day weekend, hit the phones to hear about (and exchange) your crappy…