It’s March 26th and here are some events that happened on this day in rock history.

In 1948 Steve Tyler is born.

In 1977, Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl” was the number one song in the country.

In 1982, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder release the single “Ebony & Ivory” in the UK.

In 1986, Geffen records signed Guns N’ Roses.

In 2000, Phil Collins takes home the Oscar for best original song at the Academy Awards for “You’ll Be In My Heart,” from the soundtrack to the Disney animated feature “Tarzan”.

In 2002, former Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue drummer Randy Castillo died from cancer.

In 2006, U2’s The Edge donated his favorite guitar, a 1975 Gibson Les Paul, to a charity he co-founded to help replace instruments lost or destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

-Nicole Siberry