This story has remained a mystery ever since he was booted from the platform over two weeks ago. People thought that the cause for the removal would become immediately apparent, but since it’s happened, Doc has been radio silence for the general public. But little things continue to slip through the cracks, as it’s apparent that he is obviously alive and well, and talking to his streaming friends. The first sign of life from Doc happened a few days ago, when Tim The Tatman was streaming, and something curious popped up on Tim’s screen. Tim noticed that Dr. Disrespect went online during his stream.


Dr. Disrespect Shows Up Online and his streamer friends say we won’t know the reason for his Twitch ban for another two months, Far Cry 6 leaks ahead of Ubisoft Forward presentation and it stars Giancarlo Esposito who played Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, and Pokemon Go now lets you battle team rocket after the game announced it broke 3.6 billion dollars in all-time revenue.

Now, that isn’t really the biggest surprise, the guy is allowed to still play video games obviously. But then, even more, news came from NickMercs, one of the people who streamed Warzone consistently with Doctor Disrespect, and what Nick had to say on the situation really put some things into perspective when it comes to timelines for when we can find out everything that is going on, quoted saying “I’ll tell you in two months.”

So, it’s official, I doubt we are going to be finding out any more about the Doc situation anytime soon. This just makes the story all that juicier, because WHAT could possibly be going on that would lead to this two-month delay. It’s gotta be something dealing with the legal system, right? Giphy, a popular gif hosting site has recently removed all Doc gifs, companies have scrubbed any mention of him from their sites, and it’s like a veritable ghost of “the streamer who shall not be named.” Behind the scenes though, it is an open secret with many of Doc’s friends and industry insiders saying that they know exactly what happened but refuse to speak on it. Could it be that it’s just so heinous that they don’t want to be the ones breaking the news? If so, why would they still want to associate with somebody when they did something that freaking bad? Nobody knows any concrete facts, and if we do learn something that’s concrete, we will be bringing it to you.


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