Wild. If you had said this about any other console generation, it would have been game over, but will this even be enough to dethrone the PS5 before it comes out? Microsoft announced yesterday the Xbox Series S after it was leaked online, confirming the price for the disc-less version at $299 and the disc tray version at $499. But today, to add a little more spice to the console wars, Microsoft has revealed that Game Pass subscribers will be able to add about a BAJILLION new games to the Game Pass library as the formerly known EA Access will be included for free to subscribers. This means you can get games like FIFA 20, Titanfall 2, Mass Effect, Skate, The Sims, and more, all for free. This is usually a $5 a month subscription on the console and is now included in the $15 a month subscription that Xbox offers. Not even the value of Netflix or Hulu could come close to offering something like this.

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Microsoft shoves another dagger in Sony’s back, announcing the Series-S yesterday, and now announcing that EA Play will come bundled with their Game Pass for NO ADDITIONAL MONEY! And, a streamer sets an insane 324 million point combo on Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 and it’s believed to be a world record, plus Call of Duty League teams are GUTTING their rosters and dropping almost anybody with a pulse, and some teams cutting their entire rosters.

EA Games on Game Pass

For those of you keeping track at home, you can now get a next-generation Xbox + Xbox Live + Xbox Game Pass (100+ All you can enjoy titles including all first-party exclusives) + Xbox Cloud Streaming + EA’s game subscription… for $25/month.

Massive. This really shows that Microsoft is doubling down on the “games as a service” model for this upcoming generation of gaming. What’s the funniest thing is how people used to clown Microsoft for being “anti-consumer” a few years ago, and now look at the monster they have created. It’s going to be ugly when Sony does announce their pricing for the new generation Playstations, but the craziest part of it all is that people will probably STILL prefer to pay the higher prices to own a PS5.

Is there ANYTHING Microsoft can do now to win back the “hardcore gamer” base? And does this change Sony’s lead in the console wars for the next generation? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @CheckpointXP


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