This is why the adage “there is always somebody in the world better than you” is a universal truth. The newest Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 remake was just released what feels like yesterday, and already, somebody has landed what is most likely a world record in points upon review of the footage. Wiktor Sowa isn’t a household name in gaming or streaming, but he put his stamp on the world with a world record points combo of 324 million points in what is almost a seven-minute series of tricks.


Microsoft shoves another dagger in Sony’s back, announcing the Series-S yesterday, and now announcing that EA Play will come bundled with their Game Pass for NO ADDITIONAL MONEY! And, a streamer sets an insane 324 million point combo on Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2 and it’s believed to be a world record, plus Call of Duty League teams are GUTTING their rosters and dropping almost anybody with a pulse, and some teams cutting their entire rosters.

Professional skating game streamers like AndyTHPS have been universally hailed as the best players of these games, and they are topping out at around 100 million points, child’s play compared to Wiktor’s mind-boggling combo. If you’re wanting to check out more of what Wiktor’s play looks like, we will link his Twitch and Youtube in the description below, and drop him a follow to see more of his Tony Hawk Pro Skater antics.

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