Well, it’s official, Ninja is back on Twitch and only twitch after briefly flirting with YouTube and any other deal that was not titled “Twitch Exclusive Contract”. It was announced yesterday that Ninja would be at home on Twitch for an undisclosed amount of money, but that comes after Facebook Gaming reportedly offered Ninja an astounding $60 million bucks to come to their platform, so rest assured that Ninja isn’t going broke any time soon.


Dr. Disrespect gets DEMOLISHED by Snoop Dogg in Madden 21 All Star Kick Off, Plus, Ninja returns to Twitch as his official new home but returns to disappointing numbers that may not give his viewers much hope that he will climb back to the top of the Twitch subs dogpile. And, the WWE clarifies what their Monday ban on all stars using Twitch and YouTube Gaming really means for the future of stars like AJ Styles. All that and more, next, on The Breakdown

The bigger problem that seemed to come up? Ninja’s numbers upon his return to Twitch. Now, this is a bit of a red herring, as Ninja has streamed on Twitch since his release from Mixer in July, and saw some solid numbers when he did that. However, today was his coming out stream, and after the announcement, he was probably a little disappointed. Peaking at just over 100k viewers, eventually settling below 90k concurrent viewers, Ninja’s numbers came nowhere close to the launch numbers of Shroud who sat at over half a million viewers, or even Doctor Disrespect’s 400+ thousand viewers over on YouTube.

Does Ninja still have the cache to be one of the top streamers? Yes. But if you were to compare this Ninja to the pre-Mixer Ninja, he would seem like a totally different animal. Ninja has alluded to wanting to break into Hollywood and star in movies, and launch different esports teams, and has even been hinted at joining 100 Thieves alongside Hiko and Steel to play some Valorant, so maybe being the “top streamer on Twitch” isn’t his goal anymore, and that’s okay. But it does have to sting a little when you remember just how big he was at one point in time when it comes to the streaming world.

Is there anything Ninja can do to bring himself back to the top of the pile in terms of subscribers? Time will tell, but if you are going to be tuning back into Ninja regularly again now that he is exclusively on Twitch, let us know on Twitter @CheckpointXP


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