The day is finally here and the new generation of gaming has begun. With the release of the Xbox Series X gamers who nab a console is playing with more teraflops than ever. But, there’s something off about this launch of next-generation consoles. The hype around it doesn’t have the same energy as previous consoles. They’re missing ‘the must buy’, ‘I need it now’ and ‘nothing will stop me from getting it’ vigor of generations past. It might be because there are very few “can’t miss” games that are only available to the next-gen. Why drop hundreds on the new Xbox or PlayStation when I can play new games on my current console? Which begs the real question, should you drop your hard-earned cash on a new Xbox Series X or S?

For the PC Players

Let’s get one thing straight, we buy consoles for the games. All the extra stuff like teraflops, smart delivery, and such is great. But if we’re not playing the games, what good is the rest of it? For as much crap as I’ve given Microsoft, I have to hand it to them in one department. They’ve become an extremely consumer-friendly company in regards to gaming. Part of that consumer-friendliness is making all their games, whether Microsoft exclusive or not, available on the PC. I’m going to be blunt here and it’s going to upset a lot of Xbox fanboys. IF you have a good PC and you plan to keep it updated, you do not need an Xbox Series X or S. By all means, if you want one, go spend the money! But there is nothing you can do on your Xbox that you can’t already do on your PC. With Game Pass available on PC as well as the Xbox, anything it can you can already do. Oh, but you want to use a controller? Then use one. Oh, but what about the new releases? They’re on PC too. Oh, but PC is so much more expensive…yes it is. So I don’t recommend choosing a PC over the Xbox, but if you already have one…pass on the Xbox. Or at least wait for a price drop.

There Are Two Types of Gamers

So, let’s say you don’t have a PC. You are strictly a console gamer. Is the Xbox Series X or S right for you? For this question, we’re going to assume you one of two types of gamer. Are you a bleeding edge, first-day buyer? Do you need to have the latest, hottest game the moment it comes out? Do you need to be playing the biggest titles that all the streamers are raving about? If so…you can probably wait on the Xbox Series X and S. Unless you’re a die-hard Xbox fan, in which case you’re getting the console no matter what I say. But if you’re not, I’d recommend waiting on the Xbox and maybe consider a PlayStation 5. As it currently stands, when it comes to recognizable legacy franchises and IPs, Sony currently has Microsoft beat. Microsoft does have a lot of new and promising titles in the work. Some of them could easily become the next Final Fantasy or Assassin’s Creed. But as of right now, they’re unproven and they’re not worth throwing down wads of cash in the first year. Similarly, the PlayStation 5 has a week launch library since you can play Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the PS4 as well. But looking down the barrel at year 1, Sony has the stronger line-up.

Game Pass is the Game Changer

So what’s the second type of gamer? There’s a bit of this in all of us, even if we consider ourselves the bleeding edge, day one gamer. Game Pass along with the xCloud streaming service is Microsoft and the Xbox Series S (that’s right, not the X) biggest gun. The gamer in us that just wants to enjoy their favorite games, no matter how old, whenever they want. We’ve all played through the classics more times than we can count. Being able to toss a few bucks a month at Microsoft, instead of 60 every other month, to enjoy games with no delays is invaluable. This option is especially attractive to parents on a budget. If the me of the 2000s had the option of a console that could be financed at less than $40month? A console that included Game Pass, meaning I didn’t have to buy a new game every month? I wouldn’t have had to work my butt off for 6 months saving up my own money to buy a used PS4. I would’ve been able to talk my parents into the Xbox Series S in a heartbeat. If you’re going to buy an Xbox, do it for the GamePass. But only if you don’t already own a PC.


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