I Did the Polar Bear Plunge in Sea Isle City

First timer over here... I spent President's Day weekend with family down the shore in Sea Isle City with plans on partaking in the now unofficial Polar Plunge. For an unofficial city event Sea Isle was crowded. At one point I stopped by the Ocean Drive to see my mom's cousin, and I couldn't believe the amount of people crammed into that place on a cold February afternoon. It made me question what the hell we were doing in their every weekend night when we were in our 20's. I guess when you're half in the bag before you go into the bar nothing that bothers you. We didn't just go down the shore to drink, that was just most of the reason. We were taking part in the Mike's Seafood Run/Walk for Autism, and running into the cold Atlantic Ocean like a bunch of lunatics. The walk went great, a lot of people involved. We saw Spider-Man, a couple Disney Princesses, Kylie Kelce, but not Jason (he was part of the run). We're not friends yet, but one day. Later Saturday we walked to the beach to join the many idiots who had already or were planning on running in for a quick dip. The police were at the beach, which made us think we weren't allowed to go in. Not the case, they were just taking a look at a bag someone left behind. The police officers gave us some advice too, put your hat and shoes back on right when you get out. So we're on the sand and there was no turning back. Of course there was a gully that you had to run through before even reaching the ocean... I was just hoping that my body was in good enough shape that I didn't have a heart attack when I hit the ocean. Spoiler... I'm typing this on the Tuesday after, I survived. It wasn't that terrible. It was really cold, but I thought I was jumping into the Arctic Circle's water. The toughest part was the walk home. My wet bathing suit sticking to my legs on a cold and windy afternoon was rough. Here's some more from the Polar Plunge: I'll be doing this every year. It was a fun weekend. If you have a chance to be down the shore when it's Polar Plunge weekend, give it a go. Then stand in front of a fireplace for 20 minutes so you're stuff comes back outside your body. [select-listicle listicle_id="881189" syndication_name="moments-captured-from-my-plunge-weekend" description="yes"]

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