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6 Streaming Series To Binge Right Now

Here are 6 streaming series to binge right now. I asked on the air this past Saturday for some show suggestions to binge since my wife and I had caught up on the 3 seasons of Jack Ryan. Ted Lasso hasn't started yet, I'm letting the Mandalorian build up a few episodes and The Last Kingdom series ending Netflix movie is not out yet. I need something! I got a lot of responses saying Succession was a great show to binge, plus the final season was coming. Since people were tossing me some show suggestions I figured I'd do the same. If you're stuck in the black hole between shows here are some of my (and my wife's) favorite series that are a multiple seasons in so you can start binging right now! The Last Kingdom - Netflix   It's probably my favorite show I've watched besides Game of Thrones. It's England before it was England. Saxons fighting Vikings. It's so good. It is 5 seasons long, and coming up in April is the series finale movie. If you were disappointed (pissed) by the way Dave Benioff and D.B. Weiss blew the final 2 seasons of Thrones because they were tired of the show then The Last Kingdom is for you. This series nailed everything from start to finish of their 5 seasons. Here's hoping the movie finale puts a great bow on the whole series. The Witcher - Netflix I was skeptical about this show, because I had seen the video game and I thought it would just be too sci-fi/fantasy nerdy. It was not. It's a great show that I believe my wife and I finished the first 2 seasons in 2 weekends. It's a fantasy based show, but there is so much action that you'll fly through the 2 seasons. Season 3 returns this year. Outlander - Starz & Netflix I'm actually a season behind on Outlander because I've been waiting for the most recent season to hit Netflix, but this was my go to 2nd show when Game of Thrones was out of season. Most of the show takes place during highlander Scotland when the Scots where fighting the Brits. What do you look for in a TV series? Fighting? Check. A love story? Check. Sex (A lot of it)? Check. If you've never watched Outlander, you've got 6 seasons to catch up on before season 7 comes out. Black Sails - Starz I got into this show when I was stuck in one of the hotels by the stations during a winter storm because there are not snow days here. I just was looking for something to kill the hours upon hours I had by myself in a hotel room on city avenue. I mean, there was literally nothing to do. I just happened to stumble upon this show and loved it. If you didn't pick it up from the title, it's about pirates and their pirate community vs the english empire. You really only needed to know that it's about pirates, but in case you needed more they fight and spend time in brothels.   Sherlock - BBC America, now Prime? This series' seasons were like 3 mini-series. Each was 3 or 4, hour and a half long episodes. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star as Sherlock Holmes and Watson. If you can find it on a streaming service it is definitely worth your time!   Carnival Row - Amazon Prime Ok now we've really dipped into the fantasy world. This show got crushed by COVID. Season one was in 2019 then due to COVID season 2 has just been released on Prime, 4 years after season one. Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne star in this show and so far season 1 and 4 episodes into season 2 I'm still into it. If you've never watched any of these, you've got some work to do! Keep them in mind when you're looking for another show to fill the void while you wait for the return of whatever your favorite shows are. [select-listicle listicle_id="872492" syndication_name="10-memorable-lynyrd-skynyrd-references-pop-culture" description="yes"]