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GLENDALE, ARIZONA - JANUARY 28: In an aerial view of State Farm Stadium on January 28, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. State Farm Stadium will host the NFL Super Bowl LVII on February 12. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Friday of Super Bowl Weekend, you’re getting set for your Super Bowl parties, placing your bets and probably spending a bunch of money.  Maybe you can make up some of that money with some prop bets.  What the hell, let’s give it a shot. It’s the last NFL game until preseason garbage in August. If you are betting this weekend, good luck! I hope we all win a lot of money!!!

Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets

Color of liquid poured on the winning coach:

Orange +250, Yellow/Green +350, Clear/Water +500, Blue +500, Red/Pink +550, Purple +900, No Gatorade Poured +1600

Since 2001: Orange (5), None (5), Blue (4), Clear (4), Yellow (3), Purple (1).

My thoughts: Value is on the no gatorade poured, which i was surprised to see has happened 5 times since 2001.  If Eagles win – Yellow/Green.  If It’s Kansas City they dumped orange on Andy when they beat SF in the Super Bowl a  few years ago.


Whose Mom/Wife Will be Shown First

Donna Kelce (Travis and Jason Kelce’s mom) -750

Brittany Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes’ wife) +424

Pick: Donna. No doubt it’s going to be Donna Kelce. You’d have to live on mars to not know she’s been the darling of the SB lead up week. There is a reason the odds are -750.


How Many Times Will Roger Goodell Be Shown     Odds

Over 1.5        -189

Under 1.5     +115

Pick: Over 1.5. As annoying as his face is, I’m sure they’ll show him chatting with multiple celebs throughout the game.


What Will Be Said/Shown First During Broadcast

Video of “Philly Special” from Super Bowl LII -160

Video/Picture of Rocky Statue   +165

Video/Picture of Cheesesteak    +240

Pick: Philly Special. I actually don’t expect to see any cheesesteak or rocky vids or pictures. They’re not in Philly, which is when they usually use that B-roll. Go with the ballsiest call in recent SB history.


Which Chiefs Fan Will be Shown First

Jason Sudeikis         +105

Paul Rudd     +175

Rob Riggle    +350,

Henry Winkler         +500

Pick: Rudd.  This is a tough one. Jason Sudekis’ star is enormous right now because of Ted Lasso, but Paul Rudd is also an A lister, the people love him, he’s defied aging, he has a massive new movie coming out. I will go with Paul Rudd on this because the power of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just too damn big.

Which Eagles Fan Will be Shown First

Bradley Cooper       -175

Rob McElhaney       +225

Kevin Hart    +400

Pink    +650

Pick: Kevin Hart. Cooper and Hart are A-listers. Kevin hart is more outright in his Eagles love. The guy just did a video saying he purchased an Eagle for “16.5 mil cash” very funny. find it here:


Will Kevin Burkhardt/Greg Olsen Mention Odds

No       -450

Yes      +275

PICK: YES. Absolutely. Sports gambling is enormous in this country. The leagues have all realized it and partnered with Sports betting apps. No doubt it my mind they mention something about odds.


When Will Donna Kelce be Shown First After Kickoff

1st Quarter  +160

4th Quarter +165

2nd Quarter +300

3rd Quarter +350

PICK: 1st quarter. No Brainer. Easy money. She’s the biggest thing next to the actual game right now.


For this last one I’m just going to bold who I think are good bets because there are so many options.

Celebrity to be Shown During Broadcast     

Joe Biden      -500

Bradley Cooper       -500

Any Kardashian Sister       -500

Eric Stonestreet      -300

Jason Sudeikis         -300

Meek Mill     -300

Paul Rudd     -300

Kevin Hart    -250

Henry Cavill  -200

Mike Trout   -145

Larry Fitzgerald       -125

Chris Paul     -125

Devin Booker           -125

Matt Damon            -120

Miles Teller  -110

Jill Biden        +100 – I think she’s been at every playoff game and multiple regular season games. They’ve shown her each time she’s there. Jill bleeds green, and she’ll definitely be at the Super Bowl.

Wayne Gretzky       +100

Rob McElhenney    +120 – Fox has the broadcast and used to own FXX. That’s the channel that Always Sunny is on. McElhenny has the longest running scripted comedy on television. At +120 this is another easy way to win some dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson      +125

Gordon Ramsey      +125

John Cena     +125

Mark Wahlberg      +125

Tom Brady   +125

Jon Rahm      +150

Rory McIlroy            +150

Brad Pitt        +175

Michael Phelps       +200

Pete Davidson         +200

Steve Nash   +200

Will Smith     +200

Tina Fey        +250

Ben Affleck   +300

Kim Kardashian       +350

Leonardo DiCaprio +400

Pink    +400

Kanye West  +400

Donald Trump         +600