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o last week I got my nose rubbed in it. Pat went 2-0 with his on-air picks, Browns and Eagles. I went 1-2 with my Pigskin Picks Week 1 write-up. Not a great start. Kind of like some of the best QBs in the NFL. I came out a bit rusty. Pigskin Picks Week 2 should have the rust shaken off. Maybe. No official Eagles pick this week from myself or Pat, but unofficially we both like them to cover tonight (writing this on Thursday morning.) As always Pigskin Picks is brought to you by Parx Casino and Sportsbook – this is how you win – must be 21 – gambling problem call 1-800-gambler.

Last week’s Record: 1-2. Overall Record: 1-2.

Dolphins @ Patriots. MIA -2

As long as Tua stays healthy this Dolphins offense is going to be unbelievable. They are a world-class track team that can also play football really well. You can’t keep up with Tyreek Hill or Jalen Waddle.  If Tua Tagovailoa hits them in stride, good night. If Raheem Mostert gets the edge or some open field, goodbye. Miami’s offense all hinges on Tua’s health. Last season he had a couple of concussions, 1 of which was a pretty scary scene, and we saw a big drop in what their weapons could do. Two weeks into the season I believe he’ll stay healthy. Dolphins cover the 2 in Foxboro Sunday night.

PICK – Dolphins


Chicago @ Tampa. TAM -3

Baker Mayfield got a win in his first start in Tampa, but that was partially due to the Vikings constantly giving them a short field. Chicago got owned by another Packers QB at home and Justin Fields only had 59 rushing yards. I’m feeling Justin Fields doesn’t stay under 60 yards rushing 2 weeks in a row, and that their big offseason addition only has 2 catches for 25 yards. Bears go into Tampa to cover the 3 for no other reason than I trust Justin Fields more than Baker Mayfield.

PICK – Bears


Jets @ Cowboys. DAL -9.5

I’m about to gross myself out for the first time this season. The Dallas defense is absurdly good. Zach Wilson is a really bad quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets don’t score a TD in this game until garbage time. The Jets also have a really good defense that might make this game close for a bit. The issue for them will be how much of a break does their offense give them? If they are constantly going 3 and out then the defense is going to wear down and have nothing left by halftime. My heart is screaming screw the Cowboys! J-E-T-S! Jets, Jets, Jets! My brain says not a chance. Cowboys crush Jets fan’s spirits even more, if that’s even possible.

PICK – Cowboys

Jason, Travis, And Mama Kelce Star In Hilarious New Campbell's Soup Commercial

A new NFL season is here and that means more amazing content from The Kelce Family. We just got a treat that Jason, Travis, and Mama Kelce star in a hilarious brand new Campbell’s Soup commercial for the upcoming NFL season. Us Eagles fans are not strangers to the amazing Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercials with our favorite athletes and their moms. Former Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb and his mom starred in probably the most famous Campbell’s Chunky Soup Commerical there is.

We got to know and fall in love with the Kelce Family during last year’s NFL season first because of Jason and Travis’ very successful podcast “New Heights” and then obviously “The Kelce Bowl” aka The Super Bowl where unfortunately The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.

Jason Kelce is the star center for the Philadelphia Eagles, he’s been with the team since 2011 making him one of the longest-tenured athletes in Philadelphia. Brandon Graham has the actual title, he’s been with the Eagles since September 12, 2010. Jason has cemented himself in Philadelphia as a staple. Most athletes leave Philadelphia in the Summer, he bought a house in Sea Isle City so he can spend all of his time here. He also is the star of the brand new documentary on Amazon Prime titled Kelce. It follows Jason through all of last season – on and off the field – as he mulls retirement. We get to see Jason at home, with his wife Kylie, and three daughters.

Travis, who is a star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is also in the documentary quite a bit. Both brothers have said they normally didn’t talk much during the season, but they had such an amazing time recording their New Heights podcast that they are closer than ever.

The star of the Kelce Family is obviously their mom Donna. She became a celebrity during the last season and especially during the Super Bowl. She’s a fan favorite, never choosing sides, and always there for both sons. Remember during the 2022 season when she attended two games on the same day? She started with Jason’s game in Tampa where the Eagles played the Buccs for a wildcard spot in the afternoon, then flew to Kansas City for Travis’ game where the Chiefs played the Steelers at night! Well now, the dynamic duo are starring in a brand new hilarious commercial for Campbell’s Soup that shows all of their personalities perfectly.

  • Reggie White

    An Eagles legend and a NFL legend, Reggie White is still one of the most famous NFL players of all time. At the time of his commerical, he was playing for the Packers, but we will never forget his time with the Eagles. It’s still unbelievable he’s no longer with us. What an amazing man and player.

  • Saquon Barkley

    I know he’s on the Giants, but we have to give him a little big of love. Not only did he go to Penn State and is one of their best players of all time, he’s also from the Lehigh Valley. He’s an great player and even better person, he does alot for the Lehigh Valley and definitely hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

  • Kurt Warner

    Kurt Warner is one of the most famous NFL quarterbacks of all time. His story is incredible where he was drafted by the Packers, then left the NFL, then came back to be the MVP. He is most notable for his time with the St Louis Rams, which are now the Los Angeles Rams.

  • Victor Cruz

    Seems like there is a bit of a theme with Giants players and Chunky soup. Ha. I guess after Donovan, the Eagles didn’t have any big time players (until now obviously). Victor played with the Giants from 2010-2016 and won a Super Bowl with Eli Manning as QB.

  • Clay Mathews

    One of the most famous Green Bay Packers who isn’t Aaron Rogers or Brett Favre. He played linebacker for 10 years with the Packers and won a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers. He was a fan favorite and everyone around the league loved him. He retired back in 2019.

  • Donovan McNabb

    The most famous Campbell’s Chunky Soup commerical. Let’s be honest, Donovan and Mama McNabb put Chunky soup on the map. Donovan played with the Eagles from 1999-2009 and did more for the franchise than any other quarterback in Eagles history. Yes, Nick Foles won us the Super Bowl, but Donovan made the Eagles into what they are today. Put some respect on his name.

  • Jason, Travis and Mama Kelce Star in NFL Commerical

    Actually the dynamic duo star in TWO national commercials this upcoming football season.  In the new commerical for the NFL, there are a bunch of players in a meeting and on Zoom talking about “planning the script” for the upcoming NFL season.  A joke that the NFL is scripted.  And Donna Kelce jumps on and says she wants a storyline with her and new Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • Jason Kelce's New Documentary

    Warning, this will make you tear up.  We were shocked and excited to learn we are getting an Amazon Prime Documentary titled Kelce which follows Jason on and off the field of the 2022 NFL season.   We get to see him at home as a Dad and Husband as well as the future Hall of Fame player.

  • Campbell's Soup Commerical

    Such a genius move by Campbell’s to have Jason, Travis and Donna do a commerical.  It starts out with Travis new ring tone where it keeps saying he’s a champion (twice) much to Jason’s dismay.  Mama Kelce comes in, tells Travis to “zip it” and helps Jason get ready for the upcoming season.  Ha.  It’s so good!


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