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I Joined John DeBella’s and Pierre Robert’s Final Crossover Show

Last week, I got to jump on-air with two of the biggest legends in radio history as John DeBella joined Pierre Robert on Friday for a special guest appearance on Pierre’s broadcast on WMMR! I put on a few longer songs like Hotel California by the Eagles and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, and left the WMGK studio for a bit and walked down the hall to join in on all the fun – and I bet you didn't even notice I was gone! I was absolutely honored that Pierre put me on the air to chat about many of my memories with JDB throughout our years together on WMGK. As all of you loyal listeners know, pretty much every day on the final segment of the JDB Show, I typically come in and we do a crossover for a few minutes, and throughout the years, we have had some pretty funny conversations. Plus, all the events we have done together, we have had a lot of fun, so it was nice to talk about some of them during the broadcast on Friday! Funny enough, the broadcast on Friday was dubbed “The Final Crossover” because like what John and I have done for many years now on WMGK, JDB and Pierre used to do for years when JDB was with WMMR and his old show, The Morning Zoo, led right into Pierre’s show. Both of them reminisced on many of their shared stories from those days – though, sometimes they remember things a little differently, so luckily the other was there to correct parts of the story if the other forgot bits and pieces! Altogether, the entire episode lasted over three hours on WMMR, but it could have gone on for days and you would not even have been bored because it was that entertaining! I wasn’t the only guest to join the show either! The great Kevin Gunn who was the producer on The Morning Zoo and is still currently at WMMR also joined in on the fun! By the way, Kevin wrote a great piece previewing the broadcast if you want to check it out, here! Also, I can’t forget to give a shout-out to my buddy Pancake who does an amazing job as the producer for Pierre and especially for keeping the show on track on Friday! He really is awesome at his job. Anyway, thanks to both Pierre and JDB for letting me hop on with you guys! More from Matt Cord... [select-listicle listicle_id="905210" syndication_name="visiting-the-cd-canal-bike-trail-is-a-must-do-this-summer" description="yes"]