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41 & Done: Jerry Seinfeld In Studio

John DeBella had planned something entirely different for today's 41 & Done segment. That was until he stumbled upon Jerry Seinfeld in-studio clips. It's hard to believe that when he arrived at the show, he was coming from California. He had just appeared on The Tonight Show. John said, "The only way we're gonna believe that, is you is if you bring something from The Tonight Show." So, Jerry Seinfeld showed up with the sign from his dressing room door. They put up temporary signs to show whose dressing room it is. The station used to have this cart that had all kinds of albums and stuff in it. DeBella taped the Seinfeld sign to the side of it. The Rolling Thunder was the nickname for that cart. And his sticker was always on the side of it. When he came in, this was at the time when most radio stations and people weren't putting comics on the air. Most of America really didn't know about him. But he had just been on The Tonight Show. It was one of his earliest appearances. We got him to appear in Atlantic City as well years later because he always loved Philly. This clip is likely from 1984/85. Jerry Seinfeld in the studio. (more…)

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