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John DeBella retired from radio on June 30th, 2023. Explore this archive of the most memorable moments of the John DeBella Show on WMGK.

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Let me start by saying, I love the Harry Potter books and movies. Read em all, seen em all, but now we’ve gone to far. Listen up nerds! Your tribute to a dead fictional character is not only stupid, but damaging the environment.

**SPOILER ALERT from a movie that came out in 2010**

There is a beloved house elf named Dobby in the Harry Potter books and movies. In the 7th book/movie he dies. His death is very sad, and it happens on a beach. In the movie they filmed the death of a completely fictional character on a very real beach in Wales. Now uber fans of the movies that decide to visit the spot of Dobby’s “grave” are leaving painted rocks and socks because of course Dobby is a free elf (IYKYK). The group that takes care of the beach has asked people to stop bringing these items on their visit because they are hazardous to the animals and environment at this EXTREMELY REAL LIFE BEACH GRAVESITE OF THE COMPLETELY MADE UP CHARACTER. No one is waving a wand saying Wingardium Leviosa to clean all this stuff up.

Grow up.

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