I Think I Could Beat Jason Kelce in a Chugging Contest

Jason Kelce officially wrapped up his NFL career yesterday afternoon. He's had so many amazing highlights in his Eagles career, on the field and off. He embraced this fanbase, and we embraced him back. He's one of us. He goes down the shore, he hangs out and parties with the people. He's a regular at the OD, and last summer there was a video of him in a chugging race against someone from a different radio station in the city. Let's get this out there... I think I could beat Jason Kelce in a chugging contest. Just saying. In the video his downing of that beer is impressive, but his competitor (and my friend) Jimmy Seltzer, was a WEAK challenger. It was like watching the 2017 NFC Championship Game beatdown of the Minnesota Vikings. Just an over matched team. Frankly, Jimmy's showing was awful. You can find the video here, just scroll down a few tweets. In the video you can see his jaw is doing way too much work getting the beer down his throat. Compare that to Kelce, who is allowing the liquid to flow into his throat and using gravity as his friend. If I learned anything from Thorny it's exactly what I mentioned above... "you've gotta open the throat, relax the jaw." Kelce took down that beer in an impressive 6 seconds. Selzter... A disaster. Beer spilling all over his face and shirt. Guy probably smelled like stale beer in the Sea Isle City heat for the rest of the day. It's been a while since I hammered a beer down like that, but I'm sure I still got it. Maybe I'm shouting into the void, but I think I could beat Jason Kelce in a chugging contest. If I lose, that would be two local radio hosts Jason has whooped. Maybe he can run through all the stations in town, attempting to beat someone from each. First, he'll have to lose to me. Congratulations to Jason Kelce for an incredible career! The next time he'll have to give a career retrospective speech will be in Canton, Ohio, but he'll be wearing a gold jacket with a Hall of Fame bust of his head next to him. Thank you for getting this city. Kelce not only understands this city, but he leaned into it and really became a Philadelphian. This city will always love him for that. Jason's most important post-career task (outside of family) is to figure out how to bring the Backyard Baseball and Football computer games back into our lives. God status if he does it. [select-listicle listicle_id="952784" syndication_name="7-reasons-we-fell-in-love-with-jason-kelce" description="yes"]

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