NFL’s Most Dangerous Stadiums: Is Your Team’s on it?

Have you ever been to a professional football game and in the parking lot you thought to yourself, "I am in trouble." Depending on the stadium you're in you could be right. The stories are always out there, but some get more news coverage than others. I think we know that the national media is always looking to further the narrative that Eagles fans are complete animals and it's the most dangerous place on earth. False. This article from Sportsbook Review listed the most dangerous NFL Stadiums based on local crime statistics.  They ranked the NFL's most dangerous stadiums in a few different crime categories. Local crime, local violent crime, local property crimes, crimes witnessed by fans, fans who have been a victim of a crime. Lets start with the NFL's most dangerous stadiums based on local crime. These were based off of total crimes per 1,000 residents in zip code. I was pretty surprised to see Empower Field at Mile High, home of the Denver Broncos take the number 1 slot. When I think of Denver (really anywhere in Colorado) I think of craft beer and weed, not doing crimes. 2nd on this list is Lumen Field in Seattle. Once again, craft beer, weed and hipsters. I probably would've had to go through more than half the league before I got to either of those two stadiums. Three, four and five were Detroit (sure), Minnesota and Kansas City. Moving onto the top 5 based on violent crime (also measured per 1,000 residents), no surprise at numbers one through three because of our general thinking regarding crime in this city. It's Ford Field in Detroit followed by Cleveland Browns Stadium and M&T Bank Field in Baltimore. Filling out the top 5 are Arrowhead in Kansas City and The Superdome in New Orleans. Now let's check something that might hit close to home. Stadiums where fans have witnessed a crime. Coming in at #1 is Lincoln Financial Field. Yes, fighting is a crime. Assault. If those fights are witnessed by 70,000 other people, well that makes complete sense that the Linc would be numero uno. In terms of becoming a victim of a crime Philly comes in at three. AT&T Stadium in Dallas and MetLife Stadium, home to the Giants and Jets are one & two.  Now some of these are listing verbal abuse as the crime being committed... c'mon. That shouldn't make a place get listed on the NFL's most dangerous stadium list. So Philly fans, we did make the list, but it really wasn't too bad. Walking around the stadium complex in South Philadelphia anytime of year, it does feel pretty safe. There is usually enough people there to sort of keep any issues from really happening. Plus it's not a bad neighborhood near the complex. Of course, crime can happen at any venue across the country. Football does seem to lead to more issue than others sports, so having an "NFL's most dangerous stadiums" list seems fitting. If you remember to be smart, not black out drunk and/or mouthy you're going to be fine. Most importantly, don't forget the number one rule for staying safe from physical or verbal abuse, don't wear an opposing teams jersey to a football game. [select-listicle listicle_id="922339" syndication_name="taylor-swift-spotted-at-chiefs-game-with-travis-kelces-mom" description="yes"]

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