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Over the last week, I did a lot of fun things while away from the WMGK studio. As I wrote about yesterday, I was down the shore for a bit in New Jersey and had a great meal over at Twisties Tavern on the Bay. However, the Jersey Shore was not the only place I visited on vacation.

The other place I went definitely some similarities to the Jersey Shore, like, sharing the same ocean and all, but there are also some cool differences at this place. If you have not guessed by now, I also hit up Rehoboth and Dewey this week!

I love the Delaware beach towns and overall there is a totally different feel to them than that of the Jersey Shore towns – but don’t get me wrong, I love both and each has their own unique characteristics about them!

While there, we took a nice 30-mile bike ride around Lewes, Cape Henlopen Park, North Shore, Rehoboth Beach, and Dewey Beach. Myself, Pattyann, Marisa Magnatta, plus her husband and my friend, Matt Lindenmuth, all had a great time on the ride!

We also went out for a boat ride on the Indian River Inlet to Paradise Beach Bar and then had a bite to eat at Dewey Beer Co. By the way, Matt is one of the main brewers there and has a deep knowledge of beers. Plus, he has a pretty good basketball hat game, like myself, so I scored a couple of cool Dewey Beer snapbacks. I was stoked!

Overall, I had an amazing time down at the Delaware Beaches!

As I said, I am definitely a Jersey Shore guy, but the Delaware Beaches are a nice change up from my normal summer routine! There are definitely a lot more options as far as retail goes, and more Wawas, so who could complain about that? Also, I can’t forget to mention that they are a lot more bicycle friendly.

I can’t wait to head back down again to see what’s in store next!

  • Welcome To Dewey Beach

    dewey beach

    The first sign you see when you arrive in Dewey Beach. Apparently Dewey Beach is A Way of Life. A good one at that!

  • Riding My Bike in Rehoboth

    Bike ride

    Riding my bike in Rehoboth. What a great beach town. Both for bike riding and vacation.

  • Pattyann and I

    Matt Cord

    Pattyann and I stopping for a picture in Rehoboth. Look at the cool water tower in the background. It is definitely a landmark in Rehoboth.

  • Marisa, Myself, Pattyann, and Matt On Our Bike Ride

    Bike Ride

    The whole group on our bike ride. It was such a fun day. It is always great getting together with Marisa and Matt.

  • 30-Mile Bike Ride Route

    strata map

    Here is a picture of our over 30-mile bike ride! We went through four different Delaware beach towns. They were all gorgeous.

  • Matt Driving The Boat

    Matt Driving

    Matt is not only a good beer brewer, but also a great boat driver. He led the way through the Indian River Inlet and got us to our destination.

  • Paradise Beach Bar

    Paradise Beach Bar

    After our boat ride, we stopped by this place for a bit. It is called the Paradise Beach Bar. Just wait until you see some of the rules!

  • Paradise Beach Bar Rules


    No hats. No shirt. No service! And a whole lot of other rules!

  • Funny Sign At Paradise Grill

    Funny rule

    This pole is not for dancing! I’ve never been a rule follower anyway!

  • No Bra Money!


    No pulling money out of your bra. It is too sweaty. Luckily for me, I don’t wear one!

  • Outside Dewey Beer Co.

    Dewey Beer Co.

    Outside Dewey Beer Co. What a great place! Located right on the corner of Saulsbury Street

  • Inside Dewey Beer Co.

    Dewey Beer Co.

    You saw the outside, now take a look at the inside. This place was so cool. Matt and company do a great job.

  • My Burger At Dewey Beer. Co.


    My burger at Dewey Beer Co. was amazing. Look at the size of that thing. You have to try it if you are in the area.

  • Dewey Beer Co. Grey Snapback

    grey hat

    One of the two hats Matt gave me. Me and him will have to compare collections one day. Two of the best hat games out there.

  • Dewey Beer Co. Navy Snapback

    navy hat

    The second of the two hats Matt gave me. I can’t tell which one I like better. What do you think?

  • The President's House

    Joe Biden House

    We passed the President’s house on our bike ride. Yes, the secret service was all over me and told me to keep it moving. The do a good job!

  • Seeing Dolphins

    Riding in the boat with Pattyann, Marisa, and Matt. Look closely for the dolphins! If you blink you may just miss them!

  • Riding Bike Through The Trail

    Here we are as a group on our bike ride. We went through multiple Delaware beach towns. The trail is fantastic.

  • On The Boat To Paradise Beach Bar

    Here we are in the boat. Matt is driving as we head to Paradise Beach Bar. This was incredible.

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