Andre Gardner

As Halley’s Comet passed through our solar system, The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred, and the Phillies were helmed by John Felske, these 10 albums were rocking our world:

  • 10. Nervous Night - The Hooters

    At last, our hometown heroes, The Hooters, hit it big! The band’s major label debut was also their biggest seller, still in the top 10 almost a year after it was released. This week, Nervous Night is #10.

  • 9. Riptide - Robert Palmer

    Robert Palmer achieved his biggest success with this, his eighth studio album called Riptide. Much of that success came from the iconic video to this song, “Addicted To Love.” Riptide was #9 on April 13, 1986.

  • 8. No Jacket Required - Phil Collins

    The third solo album by Phil Collins cemented him as both a group and solo rock star.  In fact, No Jacket Required has sold more than any album by Genesis, going “diamond” for over 10 million copies sold.  On this week’s countdown, the album is #8.


  • 7. 5150 - Van Halen

    It was a very different sound for Van Halen – the Van Hagar era began with the band’s sixth album, 5150. On its way to becoming their first #1 album, it was #7 on April 13, 1986.

  • 6. Knee Deep In The Hoopla - Starship

    Speaking of a band with a different sound, Starship was the latest name change for the legendary Bay Area band, the result of a lawsuit prohibiting any member of the Jefferson Starship or Airplane from using “Jefferson” in their name.  That is, unless the band contained the original members.  The debut album by this version of the group peaked here at #6, but gave the band their first #1 single.

  • 5. Listen Like Thieves - INXS

    When INXS were finishing their sixth album, their producer Chris Thomas, who’d worked on albums by the Beatles, Sex Pistols and Pretenders, told them there wasn’t a hit single on there, and they needed to write and record one in the next few days, when the studio time ended, talk about pressure, but they delivered with their biggest chart hit ever, “What You Need.” It’s off of the #5 rock album on the countdown, Listen Like Thieves.

  • 4. Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits

    What album holds the distinction of being the first one to sell a million copies in the CD format?  It’s this one, Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits, the #4 rock album on April 13, 1986, almost a year after it came out.

  • 3. The Ultimate Sin - Ozzy Osbourne

    Right up to the last minute, Ozzy Osbourne’s fourth album was going to be called Killer Of Giants.  Just as the record was about to be pressed, he changed it to The Ultimate Sin.  It’s the #3 rock album this week on MGK’s Thursday Top 10 Countdown.

  • 2. Scarecrow - John Mellencamp

    John Mellencamp has said the album on which he felt he really started to come into his own as a songwriter was this one, his eighth album called Scarecrow.  It peaked here at #2 on April 13, 1986.

  • 1. Heart - Heart

    At the top of the chart is the eighth studio album by this Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band, and their first on a new label.  In addition, they took a more mainstream approach to their songs, and it yielded big results, giving them their biggest selling and highest charting album of the Wilson sisters’ careers.  #1 on April 13, 1986 was Heart by Heart.

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