A dark cloud hangs low over the city of Philadelphia today. Sports fans are walking with their heads hung low, bags under their eyes from staying up too late thinking about the loss. We’re tired, and more importantly, we’re disappointed. The Philadelphia Eagles lost their game.

So many things contributed to this devastating loss. It hurts to see such a good team get beaten. It hurts to watch another team celebrate in your stadium. At the moment, it seems nothing will make it better.

Here we are, just hours after the Eagles failed to get the win. Right now, we may all be feeling icky. But, you have to remember, it was just a game! You also have to remember that it could be worse (as a fanbase, we have experienced two crushing Super Bowl losses in recent history. Ouch). We’ve been through worse. It’s disappointing, sure, but we’ve seen losses. We know what it’s like. Remember, adversity makes good teams even better.

I’m not here to make promises for the future, nor am I here to explain away all that went wrong. I am here today, instead, to maybe help you out.

Here are some coping strategies for the day after the Philadelphia Eagles loss:

  • Go On A Walk

    Hero World Challenge - Round Three

    Exercise is always a good way to get any icky and unwanted emotions out. If the weather is okay, take the time to go out for a walk. Fresh air will always do you a world of good.

  • Hang Out With Friends

    Philadelphia Eagles Fans Watch Super Bowl LVII

    Try not to talk about the loss, of course. Or do, it may be cathartic to get it out. Being in the company of others helps you work out your emotions about the disappointing loss.

  • Focus Another Team This Week

    Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks

    The 76ers season is going on. The Flyers have hit the ice. Express your fandom for another team! It’s not the same, I know. And you may fear yet another disappointment. But it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Sixers and Flyers play multiple games a week. Life goes on.

  • Unplug

    Facebook,Instagram And WhatsApp Experience Global Outage

    I personally shut the TV off as soon as the final second ticks off the clock. You don’t want to see another team celebrate your team’s loss, so don’t. Avoid social media. There are far too many trolls who love to argue. Avoid national sports analysis TV shows. They’re never on our side, anyway. Don’t go looking for Eagles content on social media. Don’t wallow in the bad vibes.

  • Eat Your Favorite Foods

    EATALY LA Hosts Icons of Eataly VIP Dinner

    Make today your cheat day. Who cares? Food is yummy. Food makes things better. Fill that Eagles-loss-sized hole in your heart with a cheeseburger or some pasta. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something that makes you happy. Go ahead. Get the milkshake after dinner.

  • Remember Good Times

    Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

    It’s hard, right? But this is how we’ve felt before and will feel again. Losses happen! There will always be good times to balance out the bad. They have always happened and there are always more to come. They are a good team. We can’t help but love them. They have amazing personalities and are dang good at what they do. Don’t forget Super Bowl LII.

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