Mr. Philadelphia lost a bet and the reaction from Jason Kelce’s daughter is the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

Jason Kelce embodies the spirit of Philadelphia. He’s been with the Philadelphia Eagles since his rookie year in 2011. He’s the first rookie to start all 16 games at center. He tore is ACL and MCL that following year and still came back for the 2013 season, starting all 16 games, and was honored with the Ed Block Courage Award. You can’t hold this guy down. It’s not possible. If you look up the word Grit in the dictionary, you’ll see his picture. Okay, maybe not. But the rest of that is true. 

We’ll never forget Kelce, dressed as a Mummer, addressing the world at the Eagles’ Super Bowl Parade. He passionately defended his teammates, his coaches, and the entire Eagles staff and compared Eagles fans to hungry dogs who “for 52 years have been starved of this championship.” (see the video below)

But that was 2018. Let’s fast forward to 2022 when Jason Kelce and his brother Travis of the Kansas City Chiefs are getting closer and closer to both teams headed to the playoffs. They were on their podcast making a for who would go further in the playoffs. We all know that both teams ended up facing each other in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs won, so Travis won the bet. As the loser, Jason had to shave his head … and that leads us to the video of his little girl Wyatt seeing Daddy’s bald head for the first time, and her reaction is priceless.

See all the videos below!

Jason Kelce’s Daughter Reacts to His Bald Head.

  • Hey, kids! New game! BUCKETS!

  • What if Jason & Travis switched positions?

    There’s no doubt these boys are talented, but who would do better if they switched positions on the field. Jason thinks he knows for sure …

  • The Kelce Family is ADORABLE!

    Jason’s daughter Wyatt is adorable, but so is the smile she gets from “Uncle Travvy.” You’ve gotta see this …

  • Jason Kelce's Epic Super Bowl Speech

    Just one of the reasons Philadelphia loves Jason Kelce is his passion for his position and this city. Yeah! I’m fired up!!!

  • Jason Kelce shaves his head

    Another reason we love Jason Kelce is because he’s a man of his word. He lost the bet and had to pay the price. But this video is priceless!

  • Wyatt's Reaction to Jason's Bald Head

    You’ll want to see this whole video, but when you hit play it will start already cued up to Jason showing Wyatt his bald head for the first time. You’ll be smiling for days …

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