The Daily Podcast (03/13/19)

We had a really fun show today and talked a whole bunch about the big college admissions scandal that was unveiled yesterday. We heard about various fast food scented products available, played a supercut of Beatles Yesterday covers, teased tomorrow's "Quick Draw" rematch between John and Steve, took a Full House trivia test, and hit…

The Daily Podcast (03/12/19)

We've been talking about it for weeks, and today we finally aired our "Misheard Lyrics Show!" We rounded up all the best examples from our audience and shared them with you today. So if you've ever felt bad about getting lyrics wrong, this episode proves YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Enjoy...

The Daily Podcast (03/11/19)

We're back, it's getting warmer, tomorrow is our big "Misheard Lyrics Show" and St. Patty's Day weekend is almost here. We're staying positive for a Monday! We talked the onslaught of Elton this year, 4 random facts, played a controversial round of "Quick Draw" and thinned the herd. Enjoy!

The Daily Podcast (03/08/19)

Another big, fat Friday show (literally, coming on Comfort Food Fest week)! We talked J Geils Band's failed paint job, a My Pillow misunderstanding, the new Captain Marvel movie, the beef between Hanson and Baby Shark, and had another round of "F My Life." Comedian Robert Kelly also joined us. Enjoy!

Comedian Robert Kelly Podcast

It's a tough week to be named Robert Kelly, but we kept Gayle King out of the studio and assured him that he wouldn't have to fight for his life if he came on. Thankfully, he did. Comedian Robert Kelly joined us today and told us about recently breaking his ribs! He'll be at the…

The Daily Podcast (03/07/19)

This morning we recapped the Comfort Food Fest, paid our respects to the inventor of the calculator, heard about Gwenyth Paltrow's latest scam, and found much irony in a hipster study. Musicologist Chris Epting enlightened us on Bruce S[pringsteen's "Glory Days," and comedian Yannis Pappas made his show debut!