Rick Allen Podcast

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was back on the show today! He's currently touring... for his side art career. But he's also keeping busy with music, recording on side projects. We asked him about making it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and had some fun, asking Rick about his favorite one-armed drummer…

The Daily Podcast (01/16/19)

This morning we dusted off the wheel for "Long Song Wednesday" after almost a month off! John had a Lassie flashback, we learned what the 5 biggest time wasters are in the modern age, chatted about the rash of athletic game shows on TV, kept sharp with another round of "Millennial Meanings," and heard about…

Wednesday (01/16) on The John DeBella Show

At 6:20 - "The Question From Hell" for a tickets to see Philly POPS Rocks At 7:40 - The return of "Long Song Wednesday!" At 8:00 - Win $1000 with "I Love Lots Of Dough" At 8:10 - "Millennial Meanings" At 8:35 - "Classic Rock Line-up" for tickets to see comedian Seth Meyers

The Daily Podcast (01/15/19)

Today on the show we talked about the strange rebirth in popularity of a Toto song, hit the phones for roommate horror stories, reached The End with The Beatles during Breakfast, and introduced a possible new radio format for other stations in our area to consider. Have a listen!

The Daily Podcast (01/14/19)

Well the Eagles season came to an end, but the morning radio week is just beginning! We reacted to the letdown last night, pinned our hopes on the Phillies this week, heard a Dad being translated teenage texts, and talked to musicologist Chris Epting about an Elton John classic. We also thinned the herd, and…