PHOTOS: George Thorogood Classic Rock Close-up

On Tuesday, August 3, 2016 George Thorogood took part in a WMGK Classic Rock Close-up session before he rocked the Keswick Theatre later that evening. He showcased his b-b-ba-baaaadness by playing 3 songs for the crowd, answering listener questions in an exchange moderated by MGK's Debbi Calton & George took time to sign autographs and take photos.

Hey Hey They're The Monkees!

Yes, we all miss Davy Jones but Michael Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork are still in the game with a brand new album. The Monkees 50th Anniversary GOOD TIMES tour comes to the Keswick Theatre this Memorial Day weekend (Saturday) with a blend of old and new. Read my Main Line Today StageSide blog to find…