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Obesity In Your Pets And How To Maintain It

It’s hard to believe sometimes from a pet owner’s perspective that a recent survey has indicated that over 50 percent of America’s pet population is either overweight or obese. When you really think about it almost seems that America’s human obesity problem has trickled down to affect the fury ones we love.  However, more often than not we ourselves don’t even realize that our pets have a weight problem. Because we don’t realize that our pets are indeed overweight or obese, we have unconsciously made fat pets a ‘thing.’

Obese pets are in danger of suffering from many medical and physical conditions. The extra fat on your pug may be loveable at first, but the extra pounds he is carrying can limit his physical abilities and shorten his life. Research has shown that as few as five extra pounds in dogs can put them at risk for the following physical disorders: type 2 diabetes, respiratory and heart disease, osteoarthritis and joint problems, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and cancer. More importantly, obese dogs tend to be less active with their owners, have less energy, and become less playful.

So how do you recognize your pet is obese? For starters, if your pet is fed a lot of treats and table food, it’s safe to suggest it is in risk of becoming obese. Furthermore, many owners overfeed their pets by feeding them twice or more a day. Moreover, many owners don’t own a pet scale. Let’s be honest, there are not too many owners who actually spend the money on a pet scale, especially if you have a large dog. Even a human scale for smaller pets can be inaccurate. The problem is that pet owners do not visit the pet enough to receive regular check ups that will confirm your pet’s overall health including its weight. It’s difficult, but without a scale, it’s hard to know if your dog is overweight or obese.

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