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May 6th 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

House-training a puppy can be a challenge, but what about an adult dog? No matter what the age of your canine companion, there are ways to house-train an adult dog and help improve their potty habits.
Why an Older Dog May Need House-training
An adult dog may need house-training for many reasons. If the dog has been adopted, it may never have been house-trained previously, or it may have spent a long period in a kennel or shelter and lost its house-training habits. Dogs that have always lived outdoors may not have been formally house-trained, or older dogs may need refresher training as they develop health conditions that make previous house-training less suitable. If you move to a new home, your dog may need help shifting its house-training routine to a new location, or a dog that suffers from anxiety or other behavioral complications might need house-training reminders.
Whatever the reason, it is always possible to house-train an older dog. While some dogs may need just basic reminders about the proper potty time, other dogs may need several weeks of diligent training to establish a comfortable routine.
Tips to House-train an Adult Dog
House-training an adult dog isn’t altogether different from house-training a puppy. While an older dog may be more set in its ways, it also has a larger bladder and better muscle control to hold its elimination until the proper time. To help your adult dog be successful with house-training…
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