You Gotta See This

Super Bowl LV between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs is about a week away, and despite the ongoing pandemic, there are plenty of people who plan on gathering for Super Bowl parties.

In a new Seton Hall Sports Poll, 25 percent of the 1,522 people polled between January 22-25 said they plan on gathering with people outside their household to watch the Super Bowl. The same poll found that 64 percent of respondents said there were not attending a Super Bowl party, while 11 percent said they are uncertain.

Of the 25 percent of those who plan on attending a Super Bowl party, 40 percent identify as an “Avid fan,” 27 percent identify as a “Sports fan,” 20 percent identify as a “Casual fan” and 15 percent identified as “Nonfans.”

This Seton Hall Sports Poll has been receiving a lot of press as of late. Frankly, it would be interesting to re-poll the fans who said they plan on attending a Super Bowl party to see if they have since changed their minds.

The Washington Post notes regarding this poll, “Although it appears that the number of positive tests in the United States is trending downward and vaccinations have begun, public health officials warn that it remains critical to severely limit or avoid altogether indoor gatherings with people outside a household, wear masks and practice social distancing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise that gatherings be held outdoors, with social distancing and mask-wearing observed.”


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