You Gotta See This

It appears as if the drama surrounding “Gorilla Glue Girl” and her hair has come to an end.  As we reported, she flew to L.A. to undergo a procedure to get the glue out of her hair.

TMZ got the whole procedure on film, because of course they did. In the end, her hair appeared to be back to normal.

The outlet states that plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng did the procedure for free, and it took about four hours. They also explained how he was able to get the glue out.

They state, “Dr. Obeng broke down his secret recipe for us, explaining it was all just basic chemistry.  In a nutshell, he combined medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and a dash of acetone. He said that’s all it took to break down the polyurethane — the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue.”

They also point out that the doc tested the procedure on a dummy scalp before performing it on Tessica. See some of the Gorilla Glue Girl video below.

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