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A U.K. man has attempted a Guinness World Record by visiting 51 pubs in 24 hours.

According to BBC News, Matt Ellis hopes to be the first to capture the Guinness World Record for “Most Pubs Visited in 24 hours.” In order to capture the record, BBC News noted, “Under Guinness World Records rules, Mr. Ellis, who runs a wine merchant’s in St Neots, had to consume 125ml (4.1 ounces) of any drink at each stop, visit a minimum of 50 pubs, be monitored by witnesses and get verification from pub staff.”

Food & Wine also noted of Ellis’ pub crawl that he was able to accomplish the 51 pubs visits in 8 hours, 52 minutes, and 37 seconds. In total, the pub crawl spanned 20 miles. Ellis was also stuck to a drink menu of mostly juices and diet sodas, but even the non-alcoholic liquid intake resulted in many bathroom breaks along his pub crawl.

While Ellis’ record has yet to be made official, all of the paperwork required to confirm the record has been submitted and received by Guinness.

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