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Cyndy Drue

Top 6 Philadelphia Places Essential To The Hooters Career

Any Philadelphia rock music fan has some connection to our hometown band, The Hooters. After all, they’ve been around for over 40 years in Philadelphia. We thought we’d take a look at some of the geographical places that have special significance to The Hooters career. Sure, they had important places out there in the ‘burbs as well, but we’re listing their top 6 Philadelphia places here. Since their beginning, I played them on the radio and TV! They were featured on my Rock ‘n Roll TV show on Channel 3 performing Man in the Street live from Grendel’s Lair. That location made the list! I also featured the Hooters in several other television shows. In 1986, I produced a Hooters special for WMMR. They have a really interesting story! And it continues. This year, they are launching a big US tour with other ‘80s bands, like Rick Springfield. That national tour will bring them to Atlantic City on August 12. Outside of that tour, there will be a few other local shows including August 25 in Quakertown, August 26 + 27 in Cape May, NJ. The Hooters released a new album on May 12, 2023. It’s called Rocking & Swing. It’s their first new record since 2010! That’s thirteen years between record releases. It’s available on CD, vinyl and digital streaming services. Find it for sure at The Hooters website. They describe it as going back to their ska and reggae roots. It has new songs plus a bonus track – a live version of the first song that was played on WMMR, Man in the Street. The live recording is from a show at the Keswick Theater in November 2022. The single on the album is called Why Won’t You Call Me Back. It’s a catchy number that will stay in your head after you hear it. The opening track is Guava Jive. It’s an instrumental, totally ska! They also do a remake of the Rolling Stones’ song, Connection. The nine songs make up a little over 30 minutes of music. And now, for the Top 6 Philadelphia Places Essential To The Hooters Career!

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