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Bruce Springsteen Scored His First #1 Album Today In 1980

Did you know Bruce Springsteen scored his first #1 album on this day in 1980? He topped the charts on this week's MGK's Thursday Top 10 Countdown from November 16, 1980. A the same time, the Phillies were basking in the glory of a World Series victory, the Eagles were on their way to their first Super Bowl appearance. On TV, we'd soon find out who shot J.R. Ewing on Dallas (it was Kristin). Saturday Night Live had a rare disaster season. Lorne Michaels left as producer for one year and the entire cast was new. They were all canned after one season and Michaels returned. Speaking of disasters, Heaven's Gate, the Kris Kristofferson and Christopher Walken big budget movie, bombed at the box office in November, 1980. Back in November, 1980 you could buy a decent sized 3 bedroom house for about $70,000. A new car, say, a Datsun, could cost you about $6000. Eggs were 95 cents a dozen and you could buy 4 boxes of Macaroni and Cheese for a buck. If you wanted the latest computer, a new Radio Shack TRS-80 would run you just under a grand. In the music world, disco was slowly being replaced by rap and rock and roll was all over the charts. Led Zeppelin officially called it quits after the passing of John Bonham. John Lennon and Yoko Ono released Double Fantasy, one month before his murder, and Bruce Springsteen scored his first #1 album today in 1980. Having said all that, here now are MGK's top 10 rock albums on November 16, 1980.

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