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Ringo Starr Was So Kind To Answer My Question At His Q And A

Last Friday, I got a text inviting me to a ZOOM press conference with none other than Ringo Starr. While I was extremely psyched that Ringo Starr was so kind to answer my question at his Q & A, I never spoke a word. I'll explain. Of course, I was more than a little excited at the prospect of chatting with Ringo once again! He and I have had some wonderful conversations over the years, and this ZOOM call would be a cool new way to interact with one my my musical heroes. Not Your Every Day Press Conference I clicked the invite to see what it was all about. As it turned out, this was to be one of the more interesting press conferences I've attended. When I clicked the invitation, I saw that I was asked to submit my questions in advance (not an uncommon practice) and, if selected, my question would be read aloud by the moderator of the press conference. Ahh, I get it. We are attending the press conference, but are not exactly actively involved. It makes sense from an orderly standpoint. It's much easier than a bunch of Ringo fans hitting the "raise your hand" button. It also should prevent lame or previously asked questions (although that did happen a few times here!) Electronics and I have a long time love/hate relationship, so I signed into the meeting a little extra early, just in case there were any issues. I got in with no problem, thankfully. A moment or two after 1:00 ET, on popped Ringo Starr! I tell you, it never gets old when you're face to face with a Beatle, even if it is virtually! He looked great and was stationed in his studio at his L.A. home. Ringo Answers My Question! There was no way of seeing who else was attending, so I had to listen to each question to find out. Lo and behold, the first question came from The Philadelphia Inquirer, and it was a comment about how good he looked (which he did!) Then, MY QUESTION was asked!! Yes the moderator, Ringo's publicist Elizabeth Freund, switched up our call letters, but I didn't care. Ringo gave me a long and wonderful answer that went in a few different directions. His answer was so long, he forgot if he even answered my question! It was classic Ringo and I was beyond thrilled: Ringo also chatted about his love for country music, the newly-re-released Let It Be film, why he likes releasing EPs (though me mentioned he has a full length country album in the can), and his home studio setup. One thing that really surprised me about this ZOOM press conference was how long it lasted. I don't know why, but I thought Ringo would get bored after about 15 minutes. He was anything but bored, totally engaged, cracking his usual witty lines, and it really looked like he was enjoying himself. It was nice to hear questions from some Beatle people I know. Mitch Axelrod, from his excellent podcast Fab 4 Free 4 All, got a question in, as did another well known Beatles radio host and podcaster, Ken Michaels. It was the excellent musician and writer Jeff Slate who asked the question about Ringo's home studio setup. Questions came in from all over the world, which I could see pleased Ringo. Big thanks to Elizabeth Freund and Patrice Fehlen at Beautiful Day Media for making this Q&A possible, and thanks to my long time friend Ike Richman for getting me in! Ringo Starr's latest EP is called Crooked Boy. Click to get the CD or the 12" vinyl. Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band rock the TD Pavilion at The Mann Center on September 24. Get your tickets here. [select-listicle listicle_id="885830" syndication_name="beatles-songs-you-need-to-show-gen-z" description="yes"]

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