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Last Year, I Brought My Flamethrower to MGK’s Big Bad Bonfire

One of my favorite events that we do as a station at WMGK is making a return in a couple of weeks and I could not be any more excited! The MGK Big Bad Bonfire is officially returning for another year on a nice Fall night in 2023! Steve and I made the announcement yesterday morning on The Matt Cord Show With Steve Vassalotti that the MGK Big Bad Bonfire is back and better than ever! I was stoked to get you guys the details, and in case you missed the announcement, I’ll get you up to date. The MGK Big Bad Bonfire will take place on Saturday, October 7th, at Spring Mountain in Upper Salford Township, PA. There will be live music courtesy of The Launch Band, who some of you may remember from their days as the MGK house band! Plus, there will be food trucks and outdoor beer bars! It will also be kid-friendly with games and prizes for all the young MGK fans! Oh, and most importantly, it will all be topped with MGK’s Big Bad Bonfire going down crowned with a ginormous flaming guitar! By the way, did I mention that it will be free and there will be PLENTY of parking? That is emphasized in the official copy I read on-air for the announcement. Check it out below for a behind-the-scenes look at being a radio DJ. So come and have fun with us and bring all your friends! After all, you never know what you might see that night at this year's MGK Big Bad Bonfire! All who came last year had the chance to see me use my flamethrower to start the fire! And, man, was it a good time! It is a propane-operated device, and as the fuel passes through it, the flame is ignited and propels towards the target – in this case, the MGK Big Bad Bonfire! I can’t forget, our graphics guy here at the station, Greg Monahan, tells me this year’s guitar on top of the bonfire will be spectacular! That’s saying a lot because last year it was a guitar modeled after Rick Nielsen’s of Cheap Trick – the checkerboard explorer guitar! If you made it this far, I expect to see you there on October 7th for the big MGK Big Bad Bonfire yet! After all, you can’t start a fire sitting around crying over a broken heart! [gallery size="full" ids="920914,920911,920917"] Previous years... [select-gallery gallery_id="828717" syndication_name="big-bad-bonfire-2021-gallery" description="yes"]