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Stupid Criminal: Breaks in, Steals Things, Planned to Pay Later

Breaking into a closed gas station: Bad. Wanting to pay for your items: Good. Stealing those items: Bad. Leaving debit card to come back and pay for stolen items: Dumb. A 21 year old names Lantz Kurtz from Florida (of course) broke into a closed gas station store took some items, but he did leave his debit card on the counter. He wanted to come back and pay later when they were open. So this guy is a moron, but he's a moron who meant well. What would help him stay out of jail would be to know that breaking and entering is also a crime. Even if he walked out with nothing, he'd still be heading for some time in the slammer. Police were alerted by the alarm that went off. When they arrived they saw Kurtz on the surveillance camera taking things and leaving through the front door. They tracked him down on the side of the road after his car caught on fire.

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