Rich DeSisto

Living in the Debella-ware Valley, we are blessed to have some of the best venues for live shows, indoors and outdoors.  Equally blessed to be a main stop in our favorite bands touring over the many years.  The live concerts as we knew them, will be back.  Kudos to Live Nation and others for their efforts to bring LIVE shows to the parking lot.  As this new “normal” plays out, all of us can play a role in helping these great venues and the wonderful people who work there survive, so they will be ready to go when we are too.  Take a moment and help pass 2 very important bills, the “SAVE OUR STAGES ACT” and “the RESTART ACT”.  These bills would provide a critical lifeline for arts & culture organizations and entertainment venues, in our community and across the country.  TAKE ACTION..SIGN THE PETITION AND SUPPORT OUR LIVE VENUES on the National Independent Venue Association website.

In the meantime, as we reminisce about those great live shows we enjoyed, check out Episode 7 of Rich DeSisto’s video series The Bunker.  Released 48 years ago, August 15, 1972,  “Rock of Ages” from The Band is arguably one of the best LIVE albums in rock.  Recorded live at the Academy of Music in NYC the final week of 1971.  Most of the recordings that made the cut are from the New Year’s Eve show, with Bob Dylan,  Were you there?  Enjoy!