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It’s no secret that I am one of the youngest team members of WMGK, but I pride myself on being heavily educated on our playlist. I was named after James Taylor, I could name every Beatle by the time I was three, for goodness sake, I grew up on this music! I carry this confidence with me each and every day and never found myself stumped on an artist, band name, or lyric… Until Sunday January 3rd of this year.

It was a rainy day, the sun hidden behind dark clouds, and the somber feeling of the atmosphere drifted into the four walls of an East Falls Philadelphia apartment building. My friend, Joey, suggested we watch a documentary on an old rock band, titled Spinal Tap. It was then that a panic came over me; Who was Spinal Tap? Apparently, this band was important enough to have a whole documentary about them, so why was I in the dark? Knowing Joey, if I were to ask who this mysterious Spinal Tap was, I would never live it down. 

About ten minutes into the film, I had grown suspicious of its validity (despite Joey’s constant assurances that it was real). I did what any 23-year- old whose boss is John DeBella would do… I texted him and asked the dire question: “How well do you know the band Spinal Tap?” and soon after discovered the comedic relevancy of the fictional band.

Sure, this story is a bit dramatic and could have been avoided with a simple google search and recognition that Fran Drescher didn’t moonlight as a record label rep, but then you wouldn’t have this story.

Luckily for all of you, I have the screenshot of the conversation between me and JDB below:

The moral of the story… don’t text your boss about fictional bands when you work at a classic rock station and always turn everything up to eleven.