John DeBella Show Announcements

A place for Dan & Co. to promote what's next on the John DeBella Show

6-5-16 MGK’s DeBella Dog Walk

MGK’s Dog Walk returned to Green Lane Park for another successful year at the park. Tons of pups came to the event, and a new mayor (Laina) was even crowned, and paraded around the grounds with John DeBella.

Clyde, The Hero Dog

You might remember Clyde the Bloodhound from last year's DeBella Dog Walk, who was crowned 'Mayor of Dogville.' Clyde has since become a member of Keystone K9s Search and Rescue and recently, his heroic efforts located a missing man.

3-8-16 - PHOTOS Comfort Food Fest

The 9th Annual John DeBella Comfort Food Fest went underway at The Philadelphia Fillmore. Over 10 Philly restaurant's participated in the event and created original comfort food creations that included pulled pork, mac n' cheese, and even stew. Chef Yun Fuentes of Alma de Cuba took home the Golden Spoon award.

9th Annual Comfort Food Fest Winner...

Last night we held our 9th annual Comfort Food Fest at The Fillmore, and Alma de Cuba's arepas con lechon (Latin-inspired pulled pork & cornbread) was announced the winner! Congratulations to executive chef Yoon Fuentes and Alma de Cuba, for winning the CFF now two out of the last three years. Check them out for yourself…

2-7-16 Big Game, Big Party with John DeBella

John DeBella was at XFinity Live for the Big Game. There was a lot of action, football fans, and even a retired Eagles football player - Bill Bergey was there for the big party too. Many prizes (some Eagles related) were given away at the party.

Remembering Warren Zevon

January 24 would have been Warren Zevon's birthday. John DeBella and Debbi Calton personally knew him, and honor him by sharing their memories on what would have been his birthday.