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A TikTokker is going viral after he caught a burglar in his house and delivered swift justice. No violence was required because instead of calling the cops, he simply made him CLEAN HIS BATHROOM!

After returning home from work in the middle of the day to feed his dog, the TikTokker found the kid hanging out using the PlayStation, like it was his own place. He also noticed his pockets were full, so he told him to empty them and discovered they were full of stuff he stole, including a debit card.

He decided NOT to call the cops, because he didn’t want to ruin the kid’s life.  But he noticed hairs in the tub and realized he’d even used the SHOWER.  So he made him clean it top to bottom.

Most people agree it was a funny punishment, but some think he was too nice.  Draw your own conclusions below (follow-up video included).

NSFW, language!


Don’t be surprised when you get caught 🧼

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