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Playing in Philadelphia During the Playoffs is Four Hours of Hell

If you're not sure about the truthfulness of the article's title. Just turn on the TV on when there is a home playoff game in Philadelphia. You're going to have no questions about whether or not playing in Philadelphia during the playoffs is the four hours of hell. There really are so many examples of it. Looking at the most recent game (at the time of this writing it was Phillies game 1 of the wild card round.) Karl Ravech, who has play by play duties for ESPN this series, flat out said it's the best home field advantage in Major League baseball. Just watching that 1st inning it was apparent what the crowd can do to a pitcher. If their wasn't a flub by the 3rd base coach things could have gotten out of hand early. NLDS Rhys Hoskins' 3 run home run after the Braves walked Kyle Schwarber to face the struggling Hoskins. He answered with a monster homer to left. His bat spike, sprinting around the bases, the crowd's roar, the team rejoicing. Just an incredible atmosphere! Remember what a coach said to Rob Thomson last winter about playing in Philadelphia in the playoffs, “four hours of hell.” Of course to hammer home the point that Philadelphia in the playoffs is "4 hours of hell" you only need to look across the street to the Linc. There is a long list of QBs to witness the Playoff atmosphere, Eli Manning, Case Keenum and Brock Purdy. In 2017-18 playoffs NFC Championship game when Patrick Robinson intercepted Kirk Cousins and returning it for a touchdown. People who where at the game said they could feel the stadium shaking. You can watch that pick here.  Something about this town when the sports teams hit playoff time changes. Everyone's energy focuses on the team, the field, the opposition. It is complete mayhem in the stadiums and the other teams, a lot of times, aren't ready for it. It takes a certain type of person to succeed as an opposing player when the playoffs are in Philadelphia. It's a mental toughness that they need to have because you're playing in front 45,000 or 70,0000 that, for the next 4 hours, absolutely hates you. [select-gallery gallery_id="923029" syndication_name="phillies-clinch-playoff-berth-see-the-celebration" description="yes"]

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