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Judas Priest: Hear Their New Song “The Serpent and the King”

All hail Judas Priest! We're a couple weeks out from the arrival of their next album Invincible Shield, and the metal titans have unleashed "The Serpent and the King" to keep us satiated. The teaser track follows the songs "Crown of Thorns" "Panic Attack" and "Trial By Fire," all of which will appear on Priest's nineteenth studio album. This one hits the hardest of them all, with The Metal God Rob Halford reaching into his highest register to summon his warrior following. The lyrics video for "The Serpent and the King" lists both Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner on dueling guitars, with riffage and dive bombs at every turn.   Rob Halford explains the inspiration for the song in a video on Instagram: "Good and evil again! The serpent is the devil, the king is God... the battles that we've endured in history have always some kind of underlying aspect of religion, theology; there are always extremes in all walks of life that can take something beautiful, and turn it into something quite brutal." We'll hear Invincible Shield on March 8th. Judas Priest are set to appear at the Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania as part of their Invincible Shield Tour. Special guest Sabaton will open the show. You can find tickets for Sunday, April 21st here, and see the official concert gallery from their last area show here. [select-gallery gallery_id="818368" syndication_name="judas-priest-best-songs" description="yes"]

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