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7 Iconic One-Hit Wonders

We know 'em. We love 'em. They're one-hit wonders. A musical artist who is successful with one hit song, but doesn't have a comparable subsequent hit. It's okay. We love their music just the same. But maybe...just the ONE song... Seriously. Name another song by Tommy Tutone. This isn't necessarily a negative thing! One hit is better than NO hits, right? Right. Their impact on popular music will not be forgotten, even if it's just for that one song. The decade that seemed to breed the largest number of one-hit wonders was the 80s. Something about the big hair and spandex made for only temporary chart success. One Hit Wonder Day is celebrated on September 25 every year. It's a day that brings back memories and encourages you to give that one artist more attention for that one song. Nothing gives a healthy dose of nostalgia like a one-hit wonder. We have compiled a list of 7 one-hit wonders that may make you go, "Oh right...THOSE guys!" These rock one-offs still get air-play to this day. The songs are still good, even if we can't remember who wrote 'em. So, without further ado, here are 7 iconic one-hit wonders we'd like to remember for the national day:

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