Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

Christine McVie Reveals Fleetwood Mac's 2018 Plans

Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie will be in Philly on June 30 when they play Mann Music Center in support of their new self-titled (BuckingamMcVie) album.  In a recent interview, McVie revealed what she and her Fleetwood Mac bandmates have slated in 2018. 


McVie told Uncut  "The 2018 tour is supposed to be a farewell tour, but you take farewell tours one at a time. Somehow we always come together, this unit. We can feel it ourselves."


McVie and  Buckingham's new album features  appearances by Fleetwood Mac bandmates Mick Fleetwood and John McVie.  Stevie Nicks does not appear on the album, though Nicks has been working on new solo material recently.


While a the South by Southwest Festival last week, Mick Fleetwood had the following to say about Buckingham and McVie's latest output, “The crafting of the album became so specifically about Chris and Lindsey, really, some time ago. It came under the heading of music that had to come out.  We had a lot of fun and Chris is full of vim and vigour, which in itself is mind-blowing. And I’m really happy for Lindsey, because this is what he most likes to do, putting something together.  This relationship is a real expression of a musical powerhouse that’s come to the fore, and we’re all happy about that. And (the music) is really cool; I think they’ll be walking down some red carpets with this one.”