The great thing about Classic Rock is that influences on the music come from far and wide. For many of us, dancing to James Brown and grooving to George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic are part of this shared experience. And who put the “bass in your face” with both artists and their bands? Bootsy Collins, that’s who! Bootsy’s back with a new album WORLD WIDE FUNK (release date 10/27, a day after his 66th birthday). Take a listen to the first single “Worth My While.”

There’s a local connection too. My buddy Joe Mass plays guitar on the record and is part of Bootsy’s touring band. It’s very likely that you’ve run across Joe at some point. He plays in the Neil Young tribute band BROKEN ARROW, was in the Philadelphia 76ers House Band and played with Robert Hazard for many years. 

Bootsy and wife Patti are also all about giving back. The Bootsy Collins Foundation focuses on raising the self-esteem of bullied girls, helps provide preventative dental care for underserved communities and provides musical instruments to disadvantaged kids.

In Bootsy’s words, “I’ve never really thought about what others thought about me or my music as long as it made you feel good & sexy, like them old house parties, sharing a coke and a smile, while doing a bump and grind.” Yep. National treasure, this guy.

(side note: I think I’m going to the record release party in Nashville next month. WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA WEAR? I do have those white patent leather platform boots still……)


Photo courtesy of Bootzilla Production