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Thoughts On Roy Halladay

It's easy to figure out how to get Philadelphia fans to love you. Show us that you give us your all, EVERY time & we'll revere you, buy your jersey, buy you a beer & think highly of you for the rest of your life. What's hard to do, is to live up to our expectations, each & EVERY time. Roy Halladay did that. 

Roy Halladay was a rarity in Philadelphia sports, he gave us his best each and every time & he actually was the best for a significant portion of the time he spent here.

We've had plenty of athletes give us their best, but there haven't been to many that were actually the best or among the best while they were doing. Names like Iverson, Schmidt, Carlton, Clarke, Reggie White, come to mind, but there aren't too many others, certainly not many others that were in the same class as Roy Halladay was when he was a Phillie.

He exceeded our expectations & he always gave us everything he had.

He made us proud, it was a badge of honor to say the great Roy Halladay was a Philadelphia Phillie.

He came here when he was still one of the best, if not the best pitcher in baseball.

He played the way we'd want kids learning how to play sports to play. In addition to giving it his all, he showed respect for his teammates, his coaches and his opponents.

When he made a mistake, he owned it.

When he was successful, he talked about how his teammates made it possible. Speaking of which, Roy loved Chooch (Carlos Ruiz) and we loved Roy even more for that.

We at WMGK send our deepest condolences to Roy Halladay's family, friends, teammates and the millions of Philadelphians that are saddened by his passing.


Phillies remember Roy Halladay

The Phillies honor the memory of Roy Halladay, paying tribute to his extraordinary accomplishments on the mound