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In celebration of Jim Morrison’s birthday, let’s try and set the birthday candles on fire, and take a look at some of the most memorable music videos by the Doors.

Strange Days

This music video begins with the individuals on the album cover coming to life. The video follows the characters on a series of strange adventures.

Riders On The Storm

The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Music video)

The music video from The doors movie and the original audio(song). Info: They used to play this song on radio air play especially when the weather forecast called for rain or a storm. This song was inspired by the song "Ghostriders in the Sky."

This song is most commonly viewed as an autobiographical account of Morrison’s life. Morrison had often described himself as a, “rider of the storm,” which can be seen throughout the music video as Morrison travels past a storm in the dessert.

Light My Fire

The Doors - Light My Fire (music video)

music video for the most acclaimed song of the band

The music video for this song reaffirms Morrison’s’ philosophy that pushing yourself to the edge (both physically and emotionally) is the only way to truly experience life to its fullest. The video features the band, various women, and Morrison blatantly playing with fire, consequently pushing themselves to the edge.

People are Strange

People are strange (music video) - the doors

Truly, this is one of the doors best songs. please rate and comment

“People are Strange” is a song and music video detailing the effects of alienation and depression. In the video, the Doors watch strangers go about their daily routines while cast out in a corner of town.

L.A. Woman

The Doors - L.A. Woman - HQ (official music video)

Uploaded by JimJohnRayRobby on 2011-12-14.

This was the final Doors LP released in Morrison’s lifetime. The video was released years after Morrison’s death. The video showcases various scenarios most likely to occur in Los Angeles.