As 2017 draws to a close, we look forward to what will come in 2018. For Classic Rock Fans, this means clamoring for news about the newest tours from our favorite artists that we could get to witness in the New Year. It is for that reason that we are recapping the shows that we already know about, and ripping out our Classic Rock Crystal ball to get an idea of some tours that could happen.


Many thought that with the passing of founding member, Glenn Frey, the Eagles were bound to be no more. Rock n’ Roll has proven time and time again that anything can happen. The legendary hit-making hall of famers returned to the stage during the summer during the ‘Classic’ shows, accompanied by Vince Gill, and Frey’s son Deacon, and proved that the band still had plenty of gas in the tank. This summer, the DeBellaware Valley will get a visit from the Eagles, with coheadliner, James Taylor.

Billy Joel

Philadelphia has been graced with a visit from the Piano Man each summer, for the past four years.  While nothing has been announced at the time of this writing, one could only hope that Joel would continue the trend for a 5th year. He certainly hasn’t shown signs of slowing down, given that his MSG residency is currently booked through May 2018.

Jeff Lynne’s ELO

When we said that anything can happen in Rock n’ Roll, nothing could be better proof then Jeff Lynne. The previously dormant Willbury, front-man, and Beatles producer (to name just a few of Lynne’s hats), caught the bug for playing live again, after playing in front of 50,000 people at Hyde Park in 2014. This reawakening led to brand new music, and further touring. The spaceship will hover over Philly on August 24th, for the first time in 36 years.

U2 (x2)

Not even a year after U2 sold out Lincoln Financial Field faster than you can say ‘Achtung Baby,’ U2 are back in 2018 for not one, but two dates. This time around, Bono and the boys will be bringing their “Songs of Experience Tour,” featuring fan favorites, and some of the new music from the successful album of the same name.

Bob Seger

Bob Seger had a difficult year and a half. Between mourning one if his best friends, Glenn Frey, and back surgery, Seger has needed some recovery. The surgery not only caused him to postpone his tour, but it also prevented him from promoting the release of his recent album, I Knew You When. Now that Seger is reaching the end of his recovery, he is indicating that he will not only make good on the postponed dates, but he will also be adding several dates. Seger has not played the Philadelphia area since 2011, so hopefully there will be some Hollywood Nights in our future.

Ozzy Osbourne

While Black Sabbath recently ended their farewell tour which seemingly means the end of Black Sabbath, the “Prince of Darkness” has announced his own farewell tour, focusing on his highly successful solo career. At the end of the summer, Ozzy began booking farewell tour dates and announcing that he would be bringing back long time guitarist Zakk Wylde. The Crazy Train has not stopped in the Philadelphia area since 2010, so hopefully the Ozzman cometh and pay us a visit.

Fleetwood Mac

Rumours seem to indicate that Fleetwood Mac are itching to head back on the road in 2018. Fleetwood Mac hit the stage at both ‘Classic’ shows this past summer, complete with the recently un-retired Christine McVie. As long as they weren’t telling Little Lies, we should see them on the road later in 2018.

Phil Collins

Last summer, Phil Collins began his ‘Not Dead Yet’ tour, seeing hit the stage as a solo performer for the first time in seven years. While no US dates have been announced as of yet, Collins has been adding more dates and commitments for 2018. Hopefully a Philadelphia date will be in the air soon enough.

Van Halen

Van Halen will have been a band for 40 years, as of 2018. Rumors have been around for the last year that not only is the band working on new material as a follow-up to 2012’s A Different Kind of Truth, but also that David Lee Roth is officially a fulltime member of the band once again. There is also some talk that the band plan to celebrate their 40th anniversary, and may even include some old friends, like Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar. While relations have clearly improved between Eddie and the “Red Rocker”, Sammy would likely only be involved if Michael was a part of it, as Sammy and Michael have consistently played together for the past 20 years with the unofficial name, ‘the Other Half.” Any Van Halen Tour would be great, but we would Jump, at the opportunity to see Sammy, Dave, Michael, and the Van Halens all out on the road together at one time.

MGK’s Big Gig

Over the past few years, MGK’s Big Gig has become a summer tradition for DeBellaware Valley Classic Rock fans. Steve Miller, The Doobie Brothers, Joe Walsh, and may more have been a part of MGK’s concert, and it is very likely that the tradition will be continued in 2018. The only question is, “who would play?’’ The only way to find out is to keep listening to MGK…if such a concert were to happen in 2018 (wink wink).