Twin Lakes Brewing Company is an Artisinal Craft Brewery dedicated to Preserving the Art of Brewing using all natural ingredients and time-honoured brewing methods.  What really sets Twin Lakes apart is the type of water they use , their all natural ingredients, whole flower hops & their yeast sourcing. 

You’ll find Twin Lakes Brewing Company at our upcoming MGK Locals Only Beer Festival on April 21 at Independence Seaport Museum.  Tickets are on sale now and selling fast.

We’ll be highlighting each brewery participating in our event on with our Locals Only Spotlight feature.  You’ll get a feel for what drives them to make delicious craft beer and most importantly what tasty offerings they’ll be serving up on April 21.

What They’re Serving

Each brewer will serve up a Flagship beer (a beer they’re well known for) & a Specialty/reserve beer.  Attendees will get to vote for their favorite beer in each category.

Flagship CategoryGreenville Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV

Twin Lakes Greenville Pale Ale is a traditional American-style Pale Ale. We use whole flower Cascade hops and American two-row barley malt to produce a light amber ale that is medium bodied with a significant floral-citrus hop essence and aroma that make it extremely drinkable and refreshing. Hops forward character is balance by a strong malty backbone, honouring the historic origins of the style while presenting a nice balance on the palate. The name Greenville Pale Ale evokes our local roots in the Mid-Atlantic region. Pairs well with meat, fish or almost any cuisine, especially spicy foods.


Specialty Category – Winterthur Spring Wheat –  5.5 % ABV
Winterthur Spring Wheat is our version of a German Crystal Weisse. This thirst quenching ale is smartly hopped and has a uniquely crisp and sparkling taste. We blend two-row barley malt and wheat malt with whole flower Cascade hops to create this refreshing wheat beer with a distinctive flavor. People who say they don’t like wheat beers are instant fans once they taste it. This is a great beer for those warm summer afternoons and evenings. Inspired by the rolling hills of this country estate, this iconic brew bears the name of nearby Winterthur Museum, an internationally renowned museum and nature garden. Winterthur also features the art of such noted local artists as George “Frolic” Weymouth, whose painting “Wheat” is on our label.
Pairs well with summer salads, Indian and Asian foods.

The Twin Lakes Differnce

Twin Lakes is entering it’s 15th year in business, servicing the tri-state area and North Eastern Maryland.

At Twin Lakes, they do a few things a little differently. All of their beers are constructed to be historically true to style but with an appropriate level of balance.

Here’s why Twin Lakes beers taste so good….

  • They use don’t use any Municipal Water that has been treated with Chlorine, Flouride or other municipal waste.
    Their well water is trucked in just in time for brewing and contains all of the natural minerals associated with our beers without the use of filtration and the adding of chemicals to achieve our target pH.
  • Their All-Barley Malt Brew contains no rice, corn or other adjuncts or fillers.  Their historic Tweeds Tavern Stout does contain some Red Wheat and Oats in accordance with the historic nature of that brew. Similarly, their Winterthur Spring Wheat contains a substantial amount of malted wheat in accordance with the style.
  • They brew with 100% Whole Flower Hops. None of their brews ever utilize hops pellets or oils in either the boil or finish. As such, none of their hops contain any additives, fillers or binders while providing a greater depth of flavour and aroma.
  • Rather than sourcing their yeast from a “Yeast Bank” where the yeast floats around largely dormant waithing for an opportunity to do its job, they have Cultured Yeast shipped in just in time for brew so the yeast is at its peak of energy and virility. Happy Yeast makes better beer.