This weekend, we’re saying Yes to the YES.  We’re filliing the airwaves with your favorite Yes album cuts & giving you plenty of chances to see Yes’ 50th anniversary gig at Fillmore Philadelphia on 7/20. Prog Rock fans know that Steve Howe is one of the most accomplished guitar players of his generation. Here’s video of his finest guitar solo moments. 

YES’ current line-up consists of singer Jon Davison, guitarist Steve Howe, drummer Alan White, keyboardist Geoff Downes and bassist Billy Sherwood.


Steve Howe - The Best Guitar Solos

Hello everybody, today is coming off another ' The Best Guitar Solos ' With great guitarist Steve Howe ! List: 10 - Going For The One 9 - Roundabout 8 - Close To The Edge 7 - Siberian Khatru 6 - Yours Is No Disgrace 5 - The Clap 4 - To Be Over 3 - Mood For a Day 2 - The Gates Of Delirium 1 - I've Seen All Good People Bonus: Starship Trooper Short and sign up !