We’re celebrating Diamond Dave, Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth, by highlighting some of his best video performances from both his Van Halen and his solo career.  While Dave has always been entertaining, the full range of his personality comes out when he and his bandmates are shooting their music videos. 

Give me a bottle of anything & a glazed donut….TO GO! The ‘Yankee Rose’ video features some of Dave’s flashiest performances.

Yankee Rose Official Video

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Dave goes to new heights in the video for ‘Just Like Paradise’. We love Vai’s heart guitar in this one!




You don’t get a better display of Dave’s on stage moves than this.  Might as well….JUMP!



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The video for ‘Panama’ captures Van Halen and Dave’s on stage antics perfectly.




‘Sit Down Waldo!’ Dave’s personality shines through in this classic ‘educational’ video for ‘Hot For Teacher’ .