The artists that MGK plays every day are the biggest artists in the rock world.  They get asked for tickets & autographed items all of the time.  We are forever grateful to these artists for bestowing their kindness on us when we reached out to them for help raising funds for local veterans during our annaul John DeBella Veterans Radiothon. These artists have donated tickets, items and experiences that have helped us raise over 1 million dollars for local veterans over the past 12 years.  Take a look at who has supported the John DeBella Veterans Radiothon as well as what the donated.

No one has been more generous than Rod Stewart.  Rod surprised us with a $10,000 donation two years in a row. He didn’t tell us he was going to do it, he just did it.  He’s also donated an autographed guitar and concert tickets over the years.

Classic Rockers Who Have Donated To Veterans Radiothon

Alice Cooper
Bad Company
Billy Joel
Black Sabbath
Bruce Springsteen
Carlos Santana
Cheap Trick
Crosby Stills and Nash
Dave Mason
Def Leppard
Don Felder
Doobie Brothers
Dr John
Elton John
Fleetwood Mac
Gene Simmons
George Thorogood
Jackson Browne
Jason Bonham
Jimmy Buffett
Joan Jett
Joe Walsh
John Mellencamp
Little Steven VanZandt
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Michael Anthony
Neil Young
Pat Benetar & Neil Geraldo
Paul Rodgers
Paul Stanley
Peter Frampton
Peter Gabriel
Rod Stewart
Roger Waters
Ringo Starr
Roger Waters
Sammy Hagar
Spinal Tap
Steely Dan
Todd Rundgren
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Van Halen
Vic Johnson
The Who

Items donated by the artists listed above

AEROSMITH – concert tickets
ALICE COOPER – concert tickerts, get on stage at show, signed golf clubs & bag
BAD COMPANY – meet and greet and concert tickets
BILLY JOEL – front row concert tickets w/ limo, signed lyric sheet
BLACK SABBATH – concert tickets
BOSTON – front row concert tickets
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – concert tickets
CARLOS SANTANA – autographed guitar and concert tickets
CHEAP TRICK autographed guitar and concert tickets
CROSBY STILLS AND NASH – autographed guitar and concert tickets
DAVE MASON – autographed guitar
DEF LEPPARD – concert tickets
DON FELDER – concert tickets and meet and greet
DOOBIE BROTHERS – front row concert tickets and meet and greet
DR JOHN – autographed guitar
EAGLES – front row concert tickets
ELTON JOHN – front row concert tickets w/ limo to and from concert,
FOREIGNER – front row concert tickets and meet and greet
FLEETWOOD MAC – concert tickets
GENE SIMMONS – autographed guitar
GEORGE THOROGOOD – autographed guitar
HEART – autographed guitar, front row concert tickets, meet and greet
JACKSON BROWNE – concert tickets
JASON BONHAM – front row concert tickets w/ meet and greet
JIMMY BUFFETT – front row concert tickets
JOAN JETT – front row concert tickets w/ meet and greet
JOE WALSH – front row concert tickets w/ meet and greet, autographed guitar
JOHN MELLENCAMP – concert tickets
JOURNEY- concert tickets
KANSAS – concert tickets
LITTLE STEVEN VANZANDT – autographed guitar, meet and greet, concert tickets
LYNYRD SKYNYRD – concert tickets and meet and g reet
MICHAEL ANTHONY – autographed guitar
NEIL YOUNG – autographed guitar and concert tickets
PAT BENATAR & NEIL GERALDO – autographed guitar
PAUL RODGERS – concert tickets
PAUL STANLEY – autographed guitar
PETER FRAMPTON – autographed guitar and concert tickets
PETER GABRIEL – concert tickets
ROD STEWART – donated $10,000 twice, autographed guitar, concert tickets
RINGO STARR – signed piece of art
ROGER WATERS– front row concert tickets, autographed item
SAMMY HAGAR – autographed guitar
SLASH – concert tickets
SPINAL TAP – autographed guitar
STING – concert tickets
STYX – front row concert tickets
STEELY DAN – concert tickets
TODD RUNDGREN – front row concert tickets
VAN HALEN – front row concert tickets
VIC JOHNSON – autographed guitar
THE WHO – autographed guitar, concert tickets
YES – front row concert tickets