It’s opening day for Major League Baseball.   There will be plenty of new menu choices for fans when they go to Citizens Bank Park

There’s Questlove’s plant-based cheesesteaks. There’s also Cheesy Bacon Topped Tots. That’s tater tots with American cheese sauce, bacon, shredded cheddar jack cheese and diced scallions.

Don’t forget that Shake Shack is bringing its sit-down restaurant to the stadium. There will be seating for 120 fans.

Healtheir choices include the Vegan Lettuce Wraps. That’s curry cauliflower, fried chickpeas and coconut milk. There’s also Tandoori Chicken Wings. Which is yogurt marinated chicken wings, Kashmiri chili pepper, tamarind and scallions.

The most notable thing on the menu to us is “The Donut Burger.” It’s a bacon cheeseburger with cherry pepper jam.  And the bun is two glazed donuts.

Several other stadiums are getting even more decadent options including

-“The Fowl Pole” at Rangers games.  It’s a single TWO-POUND chicken tender that comes with ranch and honey mustard.

-“The Dinger Dog” at Braves games.  It’s a footlong pig-in-a-blanket stuffed with cheese.

“The Coney Dog Egg Roll” at Tigers games.  It’s basically a chili cheese dog without the bun, stuffed inside an egg roll, with mustard and onions on top.

What are you most excited for?

-Zach Stone