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Last night the Dodgers defeated the Brewers, but off the field it was a very different story. Spectrum SportsNet Dodgers reporter David Vassegh (the equivalent of the Phillies’ Gregg Murphy) decided to attempt a wacky broadcast stunt down Bernie the Brewer’s slide at American Family Field in Milwaukee. It didn’t end the way he expected.

The Dodgers broadcast showed Vassegh’s dubious descent, in which the reporter repeatedly yelled, “Holy crap” before impacting what appears to be a padded wall and crumpling.


Seemingly softer than a summer peach, he ended up fracturing his arm and six ribs in the fall, but at least made it back to the field like a true pro (broadcaster, not slider).

What’s extra hilarious about this fail is that the Dodgers are known for their elegant slides! All-Star shortstop Trea Turner went viral last year for his silky smooth slides into home plate. Maybe next David Vassegh’s next silly segment can be lessons from Trea? Have a look…