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A new huge humpback whale carcass has washed up on the eastern seaboard! This time on a Long Island, New York beach. Video here.

I believe I once again have the perfect solution for those in charge of removing and disposing of the deceased whale!

There is no better time to re-up this article from early December than now!



A 30 foot humpback whale carcass washed ashore in Brigantine, NJ.  New Jersey Marine officials said the whale weighs about 20 tons, and was under 10 years old. If we’ve learned anything from the internet it is how to dispose of a whale carcass when it washes ashore. Dynamite!

Let us journey back to the year 1970 when a whale washed up on a beach in Oregon. Now, before we criticize these simple Oregonians, we need to remember it was 1970, science and problem solving hadn’t been invented yet so there really was no way to know that loading this dead 45 foot bloated, gas filled behemoth with 1,000 lbs of dynamite was quite possibly the worst idea they could have. The guy in charge of the removal of the whale,  was only put in charge because his boss was hunting. To make this idiocy even better, there was a former military demolitions expert in the area who said 20 CASES of dynamite was far too much and they only needed 20 STICKS to do the job. His advice was ignored, which looking back was probably for the best because the video below is amazing.

Somebody get on the horn with Brigantine officials and let them know there is a video that will show them the correct way to dispose of their whale carcass issue. If you don’t want to watch the news report leading up to the detonation you can jump right to the 2 minute mark. The whole video is really worth a watch, it’s really just amazing all the way through. The way this reporter says whale, the demolitions guy having no idea what they’re doing and the plan to set the dynamite to one side so the carcass goes towards the ocean and the recap by the reporter of the epic failure. Enjoy!


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